Our prices

We do not charge any upfront costs - we work with the guarantee “no win, no fee”.

This means that there will be no further costs to you should our efforts to enforce your claim prove unsuccessful. If we do succeed in securing your compensation, we receive a 25% commission from it.

Even if your case was handled by our contract lawyers and taken to court, ClaimCompass will never ask you to provide payment if your claim fails and you have not received compensation.

For more information on our pricing, please read our Conditions of use.

How much will I get when ClaimCompass secures my compensation from the airline?

Compensation*250 Euro400 Euro600 Euro
25% (incl. VAT)62.5 Euro100 Euro150 Euro
You receive187.5 Euro300 Euro450 Euro
If we do not succeed, you owe us0 Euro0 Euro0 Euro

* According to European Regulation 261/2004 all compensations are calculated in Euro. The extent of the compensation depends on the distance of the flight. Read more about our Conditions of use.

Last change: 20.06.2016

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