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What does ClaimCompass do?

We help airline passengers get compensated when their flights have been delayed,
cancelled or overbooked.

Passenger enters flight details

Our system verifies their compensation eligibility

We take care of the case and represent the passenger

Passenger receives their compensation

Why partner with ClaimCompass?

Generate extra income from each customer who receives compensation with our help.

Reduce the time and resources you spend on customer service.

Present your customers with a unique added value.

Build a lasting relationships with your clients and show them that you care.

How does it work?

Refer customers with disrupted flights to our website - once we secure their compensation, you get your commission.

Law is retroactive and you are definitely sitting on money

The law goes 3 to 6 years back, so you already have qualifying passengers.

Millions of eligible cases each year

Less than 4% of passengers currently claim the money they’re legally entitled to.

The ClaimCompass guarantee

Our multilingual team is committed to nothing short of the best customer service and highest level of professionalism.

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