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Be there for your customers, even when things don’t go as planned.

Opportunities that will bring money to you and your customers.

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21 million passengers are entitled to compensation
8 Billion Euro available to claim annually
Millions in potential ancillary revenues

Partnership programs

ClaimCompass Select

Passengers can opt-in the ClaimCompass Select at the time of booking. If their flight is disrupted, we’ll automatically process their claim.

ClaimCompass API

The ClaimCompass API uses cutting edge technology and monitors real-time all of your bookings without accessing any personal data.

White label

Our Compensation Calculator can be integrated as a white label. We will do all the work, but you’ll get all the credit.

ClaimCompass Select

Integrate the ClaimCompass Select option in your booking flow and provide your clients with piece of mind prior to their trip. If their flight gets delayed or cancelled, we will instantly open a claim and process it for free. Use ClaimCompass Select to highlight exclusive offers, increase conversions and gain your clients' trust during the search phase.

ClaimCompass API

Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the ClaimCompass API uses cutting edge technology and monitors in real-time all of your bookings, notifying you and your clients when they're entitled to compensation. Our API is first of its kind and is built in a way, which does not require any personal data - all we need is the flight number and the date.


Because travelers can go as far back as 6 years to claim for their disrupted flights, placing our Compensation Calculator as a co-branded or fully-branded white label on your website will help you capture an even broader audience of visitors. We'll still do all the work, but you'll get all the credit!

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