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Unsatisfied with the poor performance of EasyJet? Yes? Well then you’ll be one of thousands who have faced the disappointment of delays from the UK’s largest airline. 


In that case, you’re probably seeking EasyJet flight delay compensation. Well look no further, we’re the website for you!


Although EasyJet came second best in Skytrax’s world’s best low-cost airline list, it is infamous for long flight delays. 


Delays are up 4.5% from 2014, and while they may be in the top 10 safest airlines, that just won’t cut it!


WE’RE here to make sure that when EasyJet disrupts your flight, be it a delay, cancellation or overbooking, they don’t get away with it.


At ClaimCompass, WE have a wealth of experience in securing flight delay compensation for EasyJet customers. 


We utilise our exceptional knowledge of airline passenger law to make sure YOU never go empty handed!


So, if you feel like you’ve been conned out of money from EasyJet, we’ll use our extensive experience to make sure you get what you deserve.


This guide will show you:



How to claim compensation for a delayed flight with EasyJet?

Navigating EasyJet flight delay compensation can leave many passengers perplexed.


And understandably so! Very few passengers are actually aware of the rights they have and the amount of compensation they are entitled to.


Only a shocking 2% of eligible passengers successfully receive the compensation they are owed!


Not to worry, here at ClaimCompass we can handle those complex calculations and take care of the heavy stuff. Use our free compensation calculator and in 3 minutes minutes, you will know your eligibility for compensation. Simply enter in your flight details.


Once passengers find out that they’re eligible and become aware of their passenger rights, they may try and launch a claim directly. However many are unsuccessful. This is due to some airlines using half-truths and tricks to get out of their responsibilities.


Submit a claim with us and we’ll make sure that EasyJet don’t weasel out of delivering the flight delay compensation you’re entitled to! At ClaimCompass we remove any obstacles standing between you and your compensation. No stress. No fuss. Just straightforward assistance and high success rates.


And the best part? We operate on a “no win no fee” basis, which means if we don’t manage to secure your compensation, we won’t expect a penny.

Check your flight in 3 minutes

You might be entitled to up to 600€ from the airline!


      EasyJet Flight Delay Compensation 

      When can I claim an EasyJet delayed flight compensation?

      In 2004, EC261 was introduced to defend air passenger rights when travellers are subjected to flight disruptions.


      The regulation stipulates that airlines must deliver flight delay compensation when:
      - Passengers experience a 3 hour delay or more
      - The flight took off in the EU or landed in the EU 
      - The delay was not a result of extraordinary circumstances 


      Additionally, since Brexit was given the go ahead, while the UK has withdrawn from the EU, EC261 is now part of the UK’s domestic law.


      That being said, the UK is no longer part of the EU. Because of this, compensation claims now only cover flights from the EU landing in the UK, or UK flights to the EU on an EU airline.


      You are also not eligible to EasyJet flight delay compensation if the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances.


      The EC261 explains extraordinary circumstances as situations the airline cannot control or avoid. These include:
      - Bird strikes
      - Bad weather conditions 
      - Airport closures or air traffic control restrictions 
      - Political disruption
      - Security risks
      - Medical emergencies


      Sometimes airlines try to be cheeky by including technical problems as extraordinary circumstances. However this is misleading, because any issues with the plane are the airline’s responsibility. Therefore you are still entitled to EasyJet compensation.


      How much compensation do you get from flight delays with EasyJet?

      The compensation amount for flight delays is determined by flight distance. So EasyJet passengers can get: 


      Unfortunately, there is an exception to the rule. For long-haul flights delayed by between 3-4 hours that exceed 3,500km, compensation is halved. So you will receive 300€ of EasyJet flight delay compensation instead of 600€.


      While this may seem disappointing, the compensation amount you will receive from EasyJet averages between 250€ and 400€. This is because the airline operates flights within Europe. These flights are typically shorter than 3,500km.


      Can I get a refund for a delayed flight with EasyJet?

      If your flight departs 5 hours later than scheduled or more, you are entitled to a full refund for the delay.


      There is also the possibility for you to receive both a refund AND compensation, because they are in fact different and not exclusive.


      This means if your Edinburgh flight to Amsterdam flight departs 5 hours after it should have, you can get a refund. 


      And, if you land at your final destination 3 hours after your intended arrival time, you can get EasyJet flight delay compensation too!

      Have you ever had a delayed flight with EasyJet in the past 5 years? Check out if you’re eligible to compensation! The airline may owe you up to 600€: it takes less than 3 minutes to find out!

      EasyJet Flight Cancellation Compensation 

      Does EasyJet refund cancelled flights?

      What's worse than a long delay? A cancelled flight! But don’t fear, if you experience an EasyJet flight cancellation, under EC261, you are eligible for either:
      - A refund of your purchased ticket
      - A flight rebooking


      However, if the airline does offer to rebook your flight and it doesn’t agree with your own arrangements, you do not have to accept this option.


      To qualify for flight cancellation compensation, there are some eligibility requirements to fulfil. These include:
      - You were not informed of the cancellation or informed less than 14 days prior to the flight
      - You accepted the rerouting option, but you arrived at your final destination 2 hours later than the original flight


      You are NOT eligible for cancellation compensation if:
      - You cancelled the ticket yourself or,
      - You were notified of the cancellation 14 days or more in advance


      How much money can I get for a cancelled EasyJet flight?

      The compensation amount for flight cancellations that customers can receive depends on few different things:
      - The distance of your flight 
      - The length of delay (if you accept an EasyJet rerouting) 
      - The length of time you were notified about the cancellation


      According to EC261, the compensation amount for flight cancellations you will receive is around 125€ (£105) and 600€ (£500).


      Working all of this out can be a pretty tough process, you may not even know where to start!


      Choose us and we’ll take care of all the hard work. Using our compensation calculator is simple and easy to navigate!



      EasyJet Overbooking Compensation

      Does EasyJet overbook flights?

      Bad news, EasyJet does overbook flights. The airline claims that this only happens with 1 or 2 seats per flight. 


      However there have been quite a few controversies involving EasyJet bumping passengers involuntarily that suggest otherwise.


      But not to worry, there are procedures in place that protect your rights...


      What happens when EasyJet overbooked a flight?

      If you do find yourself being bumped from your flight due to overbooking, you will be eligible for compensation. You will however have to fulfil the following requirements:
      - You were obstructed from boarding the plane due to overbooking
      - You turned up to check-in on-time
      - You did not offer to give up your seat voluntarily
      - You did not accept anything else than the compensation planned by law


      The amount of overbooking compensation you receive is calculated the same way as flight cancellation compensation.


      In association with this, if you are denied boarding, EasyJet should offer up two options. 


      The airline should either offer to reroute you on an alternative flight, as soon as possible or at a time of your suiting. Or, they should offer you a full refund of your ticket, paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.


      You should also be reimbursed for parts of your journey already taken (if the disruption ruins your flight plans) and the parts not taken. 


      And, when it applies, EasyJet should also offer to reimburse you for a return flight back to where you first took off!


      If the airline’s overbooking mishap means you are required to stay at the airport for 2 or more hours, they must deliver the following with no extra cost:
      - Refreshments and meals (in accordance with how long you stay)
      - The option to use some form of communication (phone call, fax, email)
      - Hotel accommodation for an overnight delay, or for delays over 6 hours
      - Transportation from said hotel accommodation to the airport


      While EasyJet says it always seeks to find accommodation for its passengers, sometimes it is not always possible. The airline may request that passengers find their own accommodation. This should be in the 3 star range from the list they recommend, which they will reimburse you for. 


      If you choose a hotel outside of the list that EasyJet recommends, and it is more expensive, the airline will not reimburse the full amount.



      EasyJet Customer Service

      How do I speak to someone at EasyJet?

      If you want to speak to someone at EasyJet, the airline offers live chat support, or you can contact the customer service team by phone or email.


      You can access the live chat from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday by simply entering your name, email and question. A customer service team member will get back to you usually within an average of 1 minute.


      The EasyJet customer service team can be contacted by phone either on:
      - 0330 365 5000 or,
      - 0203 499 5251 (EasyJet holidays customer service team)


      Alternatively, you can write to the airline directly, using the contact claim form. You can expect a reply within 28 days.


      Does EasyJet pay compensation?

      Unfortunately, while EasyJet will eventually pay compensation, they don’t have the best track record.


      The airline has a bit of a poor reputation when it comes to delivering compensation. Many have voiced their anger and concerns that the process is far too complex and deliberately confusing. 


      However, when passengers do manage to successfully launch a claim, EasyJet says that it pays the majority of CEDR cases in 14 days.


      Through our research we found that it takes the airline an average of 9.4 days to respond to a claim once it has been launched. 


      We also found that it takes around 52 days to solve the claim, and an average of 48 days to pay the compensation amount once it has been taken to court.


      We awarded EasyJet compensation claim processing score of 8.2 out of 10.



      Did you know, as the largest airline in the UK, EasyJet flies 96.1 million passengers to their destination each year? That’s 263,000 people on average a day!


      The airline has its headquarters in London Luton Airport. It also has hubs in Gatwick (its largest), Southend, Stansted, as well as international hubs in Basel, Berlin, Dortmund, Geneva, Madrid and Paris.


      EasyJet operates in more than 30 countries, serving over 1,000 routes both domestically and internationally.


      It has a fleet size of 331, which is made up of 169 Airbus A320, 125 Airbus A319, 31 Airbus A320neo and 6 Airbus A321neo.


      EasyJet has a frequent flyer program called the EasyJet Flight Club. It officially launched in November 2015 and is invitation only, with membership lasting for a year. 


      There are a number of benefits that members have access to once they join the club, including a price guarantee and price promise.


      The airline also has EasyJet plus, which costs £215/year per person and has benefits such as speedy boarding and allocated seating. 


      EasyJet allows one piece of carry-on luggage per person. While there is no weight limit, maximum dimensions are 56x45x25cm (including handles and wheels). 


      Passengers can also bring an additional bag, like a laptop bag or purse, which should be 45x36x20cm or under and fit under the seat in front of you.



      EasyJet Ratings








      EasyJet On-Time Performance

      The tab below provides specific data regarding the airline's on-time performance. It includes the amount of flights operated by the airline each month, which portion of these flight arrived on time (i.e with less than 15 minutes delay), which portion consists of delayed flights, and the average delay of their flights in minutes. Source: Flightstats.com

      Number of flights
      On-time (<15 min delay)
      Delayed (15+ min late)
      Average delay (in min)
      Sep 2019
      Aug 2019
      Jul 2019
      Jun 2019
      May 2019
      Apr 2019
      Mar 2019
      Feb 2019
      Jan 2019
      Dec 2018
      Nov 2018
      Oct 2018
      Sep 2018

      As you can see from the data above, since January 2018, less than 25% of EasyJet’s flights arrived 15 minutes late or more, slightly below the average. On average, flights by the airline were delayed by slightly less than 50 minutes, placing EasyJet below the average. As such, EasyJet’s on-time performance is below average, with a rating of 4.2 out of 10.

      EasyJet and Compensation Claim Processing

      At ClaimCompass, we have experience dealing with the airline. Many passengers have already asked us to help them get their flight compensation from EasyJet. As you can see below, EasyJet is quite cooperative when it comes to processing compensation claims:

      Rating criteria
      Days / Rating
      Average number of days for the airline to reply once the claim is submitted
      Average number of days to solve the claim
      Average number of days to pay the compensation after the case was sent to court

      EasyJet provides a statement regarding the compensation claim of their passenger very fast compared to most airlines. They are also quick to pay the due compensation to their client, in just a bit longer than 7 weeks on average. Even when the claim has been sent to court, the airline is usually quick to pay compensation. It is worth noting that, being one of the biggest low-cost airlines in the world, EasyJet is facing a proportionally higher amount of compensation claims and still manages to process them in a very efficient fashion, reflected in their 8.2 out of 10 rating. We only deplore the fact that they insist on contacting directly passengers who use the services of a third-party like ClaimCompass, forcing passengers to have a minimum involvement with the claim even though they did not want to deal with it.


      How far back can I claim compensation for a disrupted flight with EasyJet? 

      As a general rule, passengers can claim compensation up to 5 years after the original flight. However this is also dependent on a few different factors:
      - Your point of departure
      - Your point of arrival, and
      - Said country’s legislation on time limits 


      In the UK (except Scotland) the time limit is up to 6 years after the date of your flight. For more information on time limits head over to our blog.


      What happens if EasyJet cancels my flight?

      When your EasyJet flight is cancelled, you should do the following in order to ensure you secure the compensation you deserve.

      Make sure you:
      - Keep all of the necessary travel documents
      - Inquire with staff as to why the flight was cancelled
      - Request a refund or reroute 
      - Ask to be provided with refreshments if you’re delayed by 2 hours
      - Ask for accommodation if you are required to wait more than 6 hours
      - Do NOT accept alternative forms of reimbursement from EasyJet that are not in line with EU regulation


      EasyJet also allows you to manage your disruptions either by visiting its Manage My Booking page or via its app. 


      What to do if my EasyJet flight is delayed?

      If you’re faced with yet another EasyJet flight delay, there are a few steps to follow:
      - Ask for the reason of the flight delay - make sure its not due to extraordinary circumstances
      - Keep all of your travel documents 
      - If your flight is delayed for 3 or more hours, ask for refreshments, and a form of communication


      You can also claim flight delay compensation if:
      - You are delayed by more than 3 hours 
      - Your flight took off in the EU or landed in the EU 


      If you end up missing your connecting flight due to EasyJet delays, you could also be entitled to missed connection compensation. However, both flights must be under the same booking number or PNR.


      For more insight into what to do when hit with EasyJet flight delays, head over to our blog.