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If you’ve wound up on this page, it’s probably because you’ve faced flight disruptions with the Middle East’s largest airline Emirates.


You’ve been let down, delayed and disappointed and you’re seeking Emirates flight delay compensation.


Well, don’t sweat it. You’ve landed on the right website.


While the airline may have ranked best airline in the world in 2019 by some, achieving a 7.9/10 flight in our flight performance ranking, no airline is perfect.


That’s why WE’RE here at ClaimCompass to make sure that if Emirates messes up causing your flight to be disrupted, it holds up its end of the bargain.


We use OUR expertise in airline passenger law to secure the compensation YOU are owed.


So, whether you’ve suffered a flight delay, cancellation or an overbooking due to Emirates, WE will use our years of experience to deliver results.


No drama. No hassle. Just legal advice you can trust, and the money YOU are entitled to, in your pocket. So just relax, and let your compensation claim satisfaction soar sky-high.


This guide will show you:



Emirates Flight Delay Compensation 

Working out what you’re entitled to when it comes to Emirates flight delay compensation can be a whole lot of bother.


Many passengers are completely oblivious that they can even launch a claim because Emirates is not a European Union airline.


At ClaimCompass we take care of all the tricky stuff, and make sure you end up at your final destination with the money you’re entitled to!


Using our free compensation calculator will help you find out what you’re owed in 3 minutes or less. All you have to do is enter your flight details.


Sometimes, even when passengers know their rights, they don’t end up with the payout they deserve.


Airlines may use subtle ways to get out of their responsibility, such as withholding information and telling white lies.


Choosing to submit a flight delay claim with ClaimCompass will take away all of the stress, and make sure you end up with the right amount of compensation. 


And what’s better? We work on a “no win, no fee” basis which means if you don’t win your case, you don’t owe us a thing!



Can I claim compensation for a delayed Emirates flight?

So, you may be wondering, “can I claim Emirates flight delay compensation?” Well, while Emirates is not an EU airline, or based in an EU airport, you may still be eligible for compensation.


According to Emirates flight delay compensation rules, you should acquire proof of your flight delay. You can do this by applying for a delayed flight certificate.


In order to qualify for EC261 compensation, you must fulfil the following criteria:
- Your flight took off from an EU airport
- You arrived at your final destination at least 3 hours late
- The flight delay was not caused by extraordinary circumstances


The EU regulation says that extraordinary circumstances are events the airline couldn’t control. These include: 
- Bird strikes
- Political instability
- Security risks
- Bad weather
- Air traffic control issues 


Unfortunately, sometimes airlines manipulate truth. They may try to pass off technical issues as extraordinary circumstances. 


Issues or faults with the plane do not count, and you are still entitled to compensation if your plane is delayed because of this.



How much can I get for my flight delay with Emirates? 

If you’re eligible, the compensation amount for flight delays will be calculated by distance travelled. So this means you can get:


And, make sure you don’t forget the exception. For long haul flights over 3,500km that are delayed between 3-4 hours, compensation is cut by 50%.

Check your flight in 3 minutes

You might be entitled to up to 600€ from the airline!


      Emirates Flight Cancellation Compensation 

      Does Emirates pay compensation for cancelled flights?

      Flight delays are terrible, but cancelled flights are worse! Luckily, you can get compensation for cancelled flights.


      In order to qualify for this, under EC261 you must:
      - Have been informed less than 14 in advance of the cancellation
      - Arrived more than 4 hours late on your alternate flight (if you accept this offer)


      The cancellation should also not have been caused by extraordinary circumstances.


      You are NOT eligible if you cancelled the flight yourself, OR you were notified 14 days or more in advance.


      Emirates flight cancellation compensation is calculated by taking into consideration three factors:
      - The length of your flight 
      - How long you were delayed by
      - How far in advance you were notified of the cancellation


      It’s a pretty complicated process working out the compensation amount for flight cancellations


      Use our free compensation calculator and let us handle the tough stuff!



      What is Emirates cancellation policy?

      While you can get your hands on flight cancellation compensation, you may want to know “can i cancel my Emirates flight and get a refund?” Well, yes but it depends on the type of ticket you purchased.


      You will have to pay a cancellation fee based on the fare rules you agreed to when purchasing the ticket.


      You can cancel your ticket by using the ‘Manage your booking’ page.




      Emirates Missed Connection Compensation

      Can I get compensation if I missed my connection due to a flight delay with Emirates?

      In 2017, Emirates appealed to the Court of Appeals. It claimed that EC261 did not apply in the case of missed connection flights if an onward flight was outside the EU.


      The appeal was rejected, as was the airline’s application to appeal to the Supreme Court.


      As a result the The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) stepped in to make sure the airline paid up.


      This means that you can claim compensation if you missed your connection due to a flight delay with Emirates.


      Your flight must fulfil the following criteria to qualify:
      - It was delayed as a result of an issue at an EU airport
      - Both flights must be booked under a single booking
      - You ended up at your final destination 3 or more hours late



      Emirates Denied Boarding Compensation

      Does Emirates overbook flights?

      Unfortunately, like many airlines Emirates sometimes overbooks flights, leaving passengers disappointed and frustrated.


      In the case of an overbooked flight, flight attendants will ask for volunteers to come forward and give up their seat. In return passengers will be offered some kind of payment from the airline, to be determined by Emirates.


      If there are not enough passengers coming forward, the airline will bump passengers based on boarding priority.


      If Emirates does overbook your flight and bump you, you should be provided with an alternative flight. If you are forced to wait for 2 hours or more, you are entitled to ask for food or refreshments.


      Say you’re delayed overnight, the airline should provide you with accommodation. Emirates should also make sure you have transportation from this accommodation to the airport.


      How can I get an Emirates overbooked flight compensation?

      Bumped from an Emirates flight? Thank goodness you are entitled to overbooked flight compensation. However in order to qualify, you MUST NOT:
      - Voluntarily give up your seat
      - Accept an alternative form of compensation from the airline, like a voucher


      There are some other requirements you must fulfil. These include:
      - Your flight must have departed from an EU airport
      - You must have arrived on time to check-in
      - You must have had the correct travel documents

      Have you ever had a delayed flight with Emirates in the past 5 years? Check out if you’re eligible to compensation! The airline may owe you up to 600€: it takes less than 3 minutes to find out!

      Emirates Customer Service

      If you want to contact Emirates customer service you have a few options.


      You can contact the airlines customer service team by phone through calling: 0344 800 2777


      Alternatively, you can access its airline live chat, and 24/7 response team via its Facebook page and Twitter page.


      How long does it take to get a refund from Emirates?

      When it comes to processing compensation claims, Emirates isn’t great. Our research showed the airline is one of the least efficient.


      On average, it takes the airline 45.4 days to respond to a compensation claim once submitted. We rated this a sorry 1.6/10.


      It also takes on average 229.8 for the airline to a solve a claim. We awarded this length of time a 0.8, which isn’t too good either.


      And, once the claim is sent to court, on average it takes 144 days for the airline to pay.


      We gave Emirates a claim processing rating of 1.1/10. This is a lot worse than the industry average.


      How do I get a refund from Emirates?

      If you want to submit a refund for Emirates , you can submit a refund request online on the Emirates website.


      To be eligible for a full refund, your flight needs to arrive 5 hours later than expected.


      Did you know your right to refund is separate from your right to compensation? So, luckily you could end up with both!



      Did you know that Emirates operates across 6 continents, serving 81 countries and 161 destinations. This includes Heathrow, Manchester, Adelaide and Bali?


      Emirates has only one hub, which is located in Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


      Emirates Airline has a frequent flyer program called Skywards. It was even awarded Best Frequent Flyer Program by the Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2019!


      When it comes to carry-on baggage, what you are allowed to bring on board varies depending on your ticket. 

      If your ticket is economy then you are permitted only one piece of baggage, which must comply with the the following measurements:
      - 55 x 38 x 20cm
      - 7kg and under


      For first class and business class you are allowed to bring two pieces of baggage. This includes:
      - One briefcase with the maximum dimensions 45 x 35 x 20cm and,
      - An additional handbag or laptop bag with the maximum dimensions 55 x 38 x 20cm or,
      - A garment bag which can not exceed 20cm when folded 


      Each item must be 7kg or under.



      Emirates rating









      Emirates On-Time Performance

      The tab below provides specific data regarding the airline's on-time performance. It includes the amount of flights operated by the airline each month, which portion of these flight arrived on time (i.e with less than 15 minutes delay), which portion consists of delayed flights, and the average delay of their flights in minutes. Source: Flightstats.com

      Number of flights
      On-time (<15 min delay)
      Delayed (15+ min late)
      Average delay (in min)
      Sep 2019
      Aug 2019
      Jul 2019
      Jun 2019
      May 2019
      Apr 2019
      Mar 2019
      Feb 2019
      Jan 2019
      Dec 2018
      Nov 2018
      Oct 2018
      Sep 2018

      In 2018, Emirates’ on-time performance is very good compared to the industry average, with a rating of 7.9.

      Emirates and Compensation Claim Processing

      Unfortunately, Emirates is among the least efficient airlines regarding the processing of compensation claims. Some claims get totally ignored and as a result, passengers have no idea what to do. For reference, here is some info on the claim processing performance of Emirates:

      Rating criteria
      Days / Rating
      Average number of days for the airline to reply once the claim is submitted
      Average number of days to solve the claim
      Average number of days to pay the compensation after the case was sent to court

      The airline is particularly slow to pay flight delays and cancellations compensation: passengers wait on average more than 30 weeks, way more than the industry average. At ClaimCompass, our team of legal experts ensures that when compensation is due, it is paid. Even if what it takes is contacting the court. We are used to dealing with Emirates and assist passengers in their claim.