Royal Jordanian Cancelled and Delayed Flight Compensation

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Royal Jordanian Flight Delays Compensation 

Airlines operate hundreds of flights every month - even thousands or tens of thousands for the largest ones. It’s no surprise that a portion of these flights is delayed. Royal Jordanian is no exception: some of the airline’s flights arrive later than planned at their destination.

When Royal Jordanian could have avoided the delay but failed to do so, it’s only fair that passengers get compensated. That’s what the European law states. EC261 protects your passenger rights and requires airlines to pay up to 600€ per passenger in compensation for flight delays. 

ClaimCompass is here to make sure that airlines like Royal Jordanian respect the law and to help air passengers have their rights enforced. Once you’ve given us permission to handle your claim, we contact the airline, take care of the whole for you, and send you your compensation. You don’t have to lift a finger!


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You might be entitled to up to 600€ from the airline!

      Have you ever had a delayed flight with Royal Jordanian in the past 5 years? Check out if you’re eligible to compensation! The airline may owe you up to 600€: it takes less than 3 minutes to find out!