Why is the airline contacting me?

Most airlines respect the right of the passengers to be represented by a third-party, such as ClaimCompass. However, certain airlines may reach out directly to you despite having signed the Permission and Power of Attorney to be represented. 

In practice, this means that after having filed your claim, there is a chance that the airline will send you a message to the email address they have on file for you. We kindly ask you to forward all correspondence from the airline to [email protected] so that our team can update your file and/or prepare the appropriate reply to the airline.

Occasionally, the airline may also send compensation to your bank account. Should that be the case, please inform us and we’ll update your file accordingly and send you an email with instructions on how to send us our commission. 

We suspect that the airline has asked for an additional consent form to be provided as a way of delaying the processing of your claim. It is possible that by making the process longer and more troublesome for the passengers, some of them will give up and stop claiming compensation.

You can fill out and sign the consent form that we sent you and upload it to your personal profile or send it to [email protected] 

Why do I receive the compensation directly from the airline?

The Power of Attorney that you signed when submitting a claim allows ClaimCompass to receive your compensation from the airline. When we do, you automatically receive an email with the instructions to receive it from us.

As per our Terms and Conditions, please do let us know if you have received your compensation directly so we may update our records accordingly. 

Why do I have to send you the commission? Didn’t you withhold it when you made the transfer?

If your compensation was sent to you directly from the airline, then we have not been paid yet. 

As per our Terms and Conditions, please do let us know if you have received your compensation directly so we may update our records accordingly. 

Why do you need the bank details of all passengers, since I was the one who paid for the tickets?

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, the compensation is owed to the passenger who suffered from the flight disruption - not to the person who paid for the tickets.

As a result, certain airlines may insist on receiving the individual bank details of each passenger in your claim in order to transfer the compensation. 

While we understand that this may cause additional inconvenience, the airline has the right to request each passenger’s bank details. The information, which is typically requested is the following: 

Please send this information by email to [email protected]

You told me the airline would contact me, but I haven’t received anything from them. Should I inform you?

Yes. We expect the airline to contact you within the first 15 days upon filing your claim. If you haven’t received anything within this period, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]. Our team will follow-up immediately. 

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