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Top Reasons Why Flying Sucks

I don't mind flying. I'm not afraid to fly and I like traveling so I'm really okay when it comes to getting on a plane.

But sometimes, flying really sucks. There are just so many opportunities for your flight to be screwed up. All of us here at ClaimCompass have experienced something that drove us mad.

That's why we compiled everything into one (imaginary) trip that's sure to convince you that flying sucks. Buckle your seatbelts!

Your Flight is Delayed

Let’s imagine your flight takes off at 6:00am - you have to wake up early or not sleep at all as you fear you’ll miss the alarm, take a cab with your 23kg luggage and hope to get to the airport on time. You arrive there as planned, only to see that your flight will be delayed by almost 3 hours… Worse, the airline didn’t bother to come up with a better excuse than “operational reasons”. At least the airline is required to take care of you: you might get a tasty sandwich as a compensation. But of course, no flight compensation since the delay isn't long enough.

sandwich flight delay

The Overhead Bin Space is Already Taken

Now that you’re finally on board, the flight attendant greets you with an all-but-natural smile that makes you hate her right from the start (to be fair it's not entirely her fault, she's required to smile). You squeeze your way through the narrow path to your seat, manage to lift your heavy handbag and… realize there’s absolutely no space left in the overhead bin. Oh snap!

A tip from ClaimCompass: Better make sure your carry-on baggage respects the airline’s guidelines before you arrive at the airport.

The Kid Sitting Behind You Is A Kickboxing Enthusiast

You’ve barely put your seatbelt on and you already feel a rather energetic massage starting. If you think this is because you’re flying first class, you’re mistaken: it’s just the kid behind you that is planning to make the most of this flight and catch up on the kickboxing lessons he’s missed.

kid kicking the seat

Your Neighbor Is a Snorer!

Your friendly neighbor is taking a relaxing, yet loud nap and you regret not having your earplugs. In addition to that, he’s now mistaking you for a comfy pillow and starts to slowly lean towards you. You know what’s going to happen but cannot do anything about it: at some point, his sweaty head delicately lands on your shoulder. All you can do now is pray thar he won't start drooling.

The Screen Blocker...

You try to find comfort in the few good TV shows available on the entertainment system in front of you. As you start feeling better about this flight, the guy in front of you hangs his jacket on the back of his seat. The alternative: a long-haired woman. You can kiss the screen goodbye. And of course, you didn't pack your carry-on correctly and forgot everything that could have entertained you.

woman block the screen with her hair

… Who Is Also Feeling Sleepy

As you regain your composure thanks to your yoga teacher’s lessons, the TV blocker suddenly moves their seat back - it seems like they’re going to keep it this way for the rest of the flight. Hang on, you’re halfway there. If only you didn't have a middle seat...

Can’t I Get A Little Peace?

The flight attendant was kind enough to give you a sedative so you would finally get some rest. But even that isn’t enough when the baby on board decides to show its dissatisfaction with the customer service by crying out loud. Unfortunately, the parents have no idea how to travel with a baby.

Time For a Well-Deserved Drink

The flight attendant is passing through the alley with a cart and you realize how desperately you need a drink. As she starts pouring you a glass, the plane hits turbulence and the drink ends up on your shirt rather than in your stomach. You start wishing the flight had been canceled at the last minute - at least, you might have been entitled to up to €600 for that cancellation.

Next Stop: The Restroom

You put on your brightest smile to tell her that “It’s nothing, it happens”, and head towards the restrooms to clean yourself up. You lock the door and turn on the tap which, obviously, is leaking - so now both your shirt and pants are wet. You don’t even bother worrying about getting back to your seat and decide to stay here until the end of the flight. At least in the restroom, nothing else can happen…

woman crying on the toilet seat

Have you ever experienced some of these misadventures? We honestly hope no one had to go through all of them in a single flight!.

Stay tuned for more fun stories and cool tips on flight travel!

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Top Reasons Why Flying Sucks
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