Best Travel Food Blogs: The 10 You Need to Know

Check out the best travel and food blogs that you need to know! Useful tips, delicious recipes and much more: find out what you missed your whole life!


If there is one thing I love just as much as traveling and helping people save money on traveling, it’s definitely eating.

I think that if the world would ever run out of air, I'd still be able to survive just on food.

But do you know what I love EVEN MORE than food or travel?

When both go together!

And if the amount of travel and food blogs is any indication, I'm not the only one. I bet that you and I are very much alike if you're reading this.

There are tons of great bloggers out there, yet when I want to feed my appetite for both travel and food inspiration, I turn only to a few. You can count them on the fingers of both hands (literally).

Whether you're looking for inspiration as a gastro-tourist, need some tips on what to cook on the road or pictures from the 4 corners of the world that will make you hungry just by looking at them, you're in the right place.

Ready to meet some of the best travel and food bloggers?

Let's start then!

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Legal Nomads

Source: Picture by Euvie Ivanova

If you're thrown off by the name, here's the explanation:

Jodi Ettenberg used to be a lawyer. But that was before: now, she's sharing her amazing travel adventures through food.

The solo female traveler's blog is a formidable source of inspiration for anyone who considers following in her footsteps, full of tips and lessons learned on the road.

Being celiac herself, Jodi had to deal with an added amount of stress when traveling, always in quest for gluten-free meals. She has some great advice for you when it comes to managing how to conciliate traveling and following a specific diet.

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Bucket List Journey


Annette is not only the author of "Bucket List Adventures" and the woman behind the award-winning travel blog Bucket List Journey.

She is also the co-owner of Sugo Trattoria, an Italian restaurant in California inspired by the region's wine and traditional family recipes.

As you might have guessed, the adventurer is a bucket list specialist. The food-lover that you are will undoubtedly be particularly interested in her top 30 things that a foodie should do. For every item on the list, she added resources to help you cross them off! Isn't that awesome?

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Would you book a flight just so you can eat something delicious? Mark Wiens would and that's exactly what he does!

The "full-time travel-eater" might be nothing short of the reference when it comes to traveling for food. His travel and food blog is undoubtedly among the best ones you can find.

Migrationology is packed with delicious food tips and recommendations. No matter what your tastes are, which region of the world you're traveling to, Mark's got you covered with his detailed articles ranging from a Japanese Street Food Tour to the best airplane food.

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Girl Eat World

Girl Eat world

You might already know Melissa from her Instagram. If you haven't already, seriously, go check it out, I don't want to spoil the content for you (ok just a hint: the #FollowMeTo of food).

Melissa is eating the world one bite at a time and shares the details of her travels. You're going to love browsing through her stories about Asian and Middle Eastern food.

And if you're wondering if she spends her time eating when she travels, the answer is no: she's also a big fan of diving and has already over 100 dives behind her!

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Nomadic Boys


The gay couple formed by Stephan and Sebastien is one you don't want to miss. In between their adventures promoting gay travel, they have great culinary experiences around the world.

"Travelling together has definitely tested our relationship. There have been many arguments, tears, and tantrums just as much as there are some incredible life changing moments that we have experienced together. But in the words of the almighty Dolly Parton, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!"

Whether you're looking for tips on gay travel or how to cook typical dishes, take a look at what Stephan and Sebastien have to say.

The Nomadic boys have a terrific World Recipes section for you to find your inspiration with ideas from Asia, South America, and Europe. You can even rate the recipes yourself!

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By the way, did you miss the list of some of our favorite travel bloggers?

Drink Me

Drink Me

You don't enjoy eating as much as drinking? The folks behind Drink Me are the best food bloggers when it comes to filling your head with alcoholic drinks.

They distill their knowledge of alcohol around the world like no one else: from beer to wine, including cocktails and much more, rest assured that you will know exactly what to drink the next time you travel!

As a Frenchman myself, I found their guide to 5 Bordeaux to end the day enlightening! By the way, not everyone in France knows about wine, that's a myth. If you have a question, ask Drink Me instead.

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The Travel Bite

The Travel Bite

The great photography of Rachelle Lucas' food and travel blog always makes me hungry. You can count on her tips if you're planning a culinary trip.

Rachelle believes in bonding over food when traveling: I couldn't agree more! She shares her best travel memories in the form of recipes.

If you're in between trips, in the comfort of your home, The Travel Bite is still perfect to give you the impression of traveling: the blog has tons of recipes inspired by cuisine from all around the world, from breakfast (can I have some of these homemade blueberry and hazelnuts Granola please?) to desserts (Mango sticky rice, anyone?)

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Eat Like A Girl

Eat Like a Girl

When she's not traveling, Niamh spends her time in restaurant and wine bars, cooking in her kitchen or writing delicious recipes that she created or discovered along her journey.

That's exactly what she shares in Eat Like a Girl. By the way, if you thought that was an insult, think again: Niamh shows that girls can eat and cook food just as delicious like anyone else!

Even if you're on a restrictive diet, you'll find plenty of inspiration in her travel and food blog. That includes recipes for BBQ, vegan meals and even simple light bites. I'm browsing the sweet treats category again and find myself astonished by what's in there!

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Fresh Off the Grid

Fresh Off the Grid

Magan and Michael make a wonderful job of proving that you can camp and still eat delicious food. If just like them (and me) you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will love Fresh Off the Grid.

I used to believe I was doomed to sandwiches or meals prepared in advance when going camping. Boy, was I wrong! The blog is the best resource you can find when you wonder what to cook outside. They show you how you could (and should!) eat in the great outdoors.

The best part?

Their recipes are super healthy and nutritious, exactly what you need when traveling and camping!

The other best part?

Recipes are inspired by worldwide cuisine, ranging from fish tacos to Thai chicken skewers. The last one I tried? The backpacker's Moroccan chicken couscous. Even if not for the outdoors, these recipes are amazing!

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Will Travel For Food


If a campfire isn't as attractive to you as a Michelin-starred restaurant, dive into Mayssam's world. The travel and food writer born in Lebanon is now based in Montreal, where she knows some of the best addresses.

Not in the region? That's not a problem: check out her address book instead. But don't expect only restaurants only! Mayssam is just as fond of the hidden gems that you can find right at the corner.

The foodie traveler that you are (or want to become) will most likely enjoy the food and travel blog of the woman who "dreams, lives and loves food".

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Bon appétit!

You're probably hungry by now, so I won't keep you any longer.

Hopefully, you've now found your new favorite travel and food bloggers and can't wait to dive into their recipes and tips.

Don't forget to follow them to stay up to date! Bon appétit to everyone around the globe!

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