The Best (Free) Travel Apps That Will Ease Your Trip in 2022

About to travel? Check out and download the best travel apps for free on Android and iOS. It will change how you travel (and make it easier).

The Best (Free) Travel Apps That Will Ease Your Trip in 2022

This post contains a list of the BEST free travel apps out there, for an even better travel experience in 2020.

Need a break from the routine? Got a serious case of wanderlust? Preparing your next holidays?

No matter your traveler's profile, if you're about to embark on an adventure and leave the comfort of home, I can only approve of your choice! The benefits of traveling are beyond counting.

To help you with your journey, check out the best travel apps that will ease your trip! Free and available both on iOS and Android, don't leave without the apps best suited to your travel style!

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Book your flight the right way

Skyscanner - Compare cheap flights, hotels & car hire

I keep saying it, Skyscanner is my top pick when it comes to buying cheap flights. I always recommend to combine several search engines, but if you don't want to download a bunch of apps, go for Skyscanner's. The app also lets you hire a car and book a hotel along with your flight. Find the cheapest days to fly with the calendar or activate a price alert.

My favorite feature?

The flight app allows you to search for flights with "Everywhere" as the destination: it's perfect when you want to travel but don't have a precise idea about the location!

Download Skyscanner for free on Android and iOS

Hopper - Know when to fly and buy

You want to know when to buy and when to fly? Hopper's got your back. Their calendar displays price range predictions, while push notifications will let you know when the price for your flight drops, ensuring that you don't miss on a good deal.

My favorite feature?

When you enter your flight dates, the travel app predicts whether you should WAIT or BUY. It's as simple as that.


Download Hopper for free on Android and iOS

Skiplagged - The smart way to find cheap flights

It's hard to find an app more dedicated to helping travelers find a cheap flight! Skiplagged finds "hidden city" flights that can save you up to 80%, as they boast. They are so effective that they have been sued by United Airlines for exposing secrets of the air travel industry!

My pro tip?

Booking a hidden city flight means that you won't take the connecting flight but stop at the layover city that is actually your final destination. To avoid any luggage issue, I'd book such flights with a carry-on only.

Download Skiplagged for free on Android and iOS

App in the Air - Flight tracking and airport exploration

Track your flight from check-in to landing and make sure that you don't miss your plane. If there is a change in your flight's schedule, the app sends you a notification that reaches you even if you are abroad and without internet. Check airport information such as weather forecasts and known delays. You can even synchronize the app to your TripIt account to automatically pull your flight data! (More on TripIt below...)

My favorite feature?

The "Tips" feature grants you access to flyers' insights to find the best place to eat the airport, where to find WiFi or charge your electronics.

Download App in the Air for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Find accommodation

Couchsurfing - Stay with locals and meet travelers

One of my favorite places to find accommodation when traveling, Couchsurfing puts you in touch with someone who's got either a couch or a whole room for you to crash for free. It's a fantastic alternative to hotels.

My favorite feature?

The hosts are locals, often travelers themselves. They are open-minded and willing to help you out, listen and share adventure stories. Couchsurfing isn't just a way to find a free lodging, it's much more than that!

Download Couchsurfing for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Airbnb - Vacation rentals, homes, experiences & places

Find a place to stay for a day, a week or a month by connecting to people who host you in their flat or home. The community is larger than Couchsurfing and keeps growing. Airbnb has the advantage of suggesting fully-furnished places for a wide range of places. The booking app's design is really slick and user-friendly.

Airbnb has become a reference for me when looking for accommodation when I travel, especially since they introduced Airbnb experiences and adventures. I put up this guide on handy Airbnb tips to help you get started. I believe it to be one of the best free travel apps not only to find a place to stay, but to meet locals and organize amazing activities with them.

If you're new to Airbnb, use this Airbnb coupon and get a 35€ voucher!

My favorite feature?

Airbnb doesn't just offer sleeping options. The "Experiences" section presents you with recommendations of activities with locals, from watching the sunset to going on a trek.

Download Airbnb for free on Android and iOS

Hostelworld - Meet the world

With more than 33.000 hostels referenced in over 170 countries, Hostelworld is a great alternative to hotels. The app displays results based on your location or search criteria as well as last-minute availabilities.

My favorite feature?

With "Speak The World", your phone turns into a translator: select an input and output language, speak in the microphone, and let your phone speak another language for you. Useful to communicate with the hostel's manager!

Download Hostelworld for free on Android and iOS - Hotels and vacation rentals

It's a classic for a reason. has a huge choice of different accommodations. Their 24/7 customer support policy is very effective (tested in Inner Mongolia at 2 am), you don't need to pay when you book and you can cancel your reservation without costs on most rooms.

My pro tip?

You can now also book a table at the restaurant, a flight or a rental car!

Download for free on Android and iOS

Hotel Tonight - Exclusive last-minute deals

Change of plans, you don't have a place to stay anymore? Hotel Tonight favors a spontaneous approach to travel by offering last-minute deals on a wide selection of hotels.

My favorite feature?

Hotels rooms are sorted between Basic, Hip, and Luxe to help you select the right place for you. "Escapes" gives you some ideas for a getaway around your night stay.

Download Hotel Tonight for free on Android and iOS

Dayuse - Hotels available during the day

The digital nomad that you are needs a place to take a shower or work a little? Or just sleep a few hours after landing? With Dayuse, you don't have to rent a hotel room for the night. Only book for a few hours during the day and get discounts up to 75% off the overnight stay price!

My favorite feature?

You don't need a credit card to book a room: you pay at the hotel. And if your plans change, you can cancel for free, even last-minute.

Download Dayuse for free on Android and iOS

Roomer - The marketplace for discounted hotel reservations

Even if yours don't, other travelers' plans may change, causing them to cancel their hotel room. Roomer is a travel booking app offering discounts on rooms people booked and canceled.

My favorite feature?

You can use the app to sell the room you had to cancel and get some of your money back, even if it was non-refundable.

Download Roomer for free on Android and iOS

Manage your budget

TransferWise - Send money abroad

When you're traveling, you may need to send money. But banks have hidden fees... TransferWise is a fast, secure and cost-reducing app which helps you send money across borders by saving money on these hidden costs. You can even follow where your money is at any time.

My favorite feature?

You can "repeat a transfer" in a couple of seconds. No need to add the banking details of the receiver every time!

Download TransferWise for free on Android and iOS

Wallet - Money, budget, finance tracker

It might be hard to keep track of your budget when you're on the road (or in the air). With Wallet, you can add your expenses and revenue in a few clicks in different currencies, visualize your budget's structure, get reports and get reminders for planned payments.

My favorite feature?

Add a loyalty card just by taking a picture of it! The travel app is maybe not as complete as Apple's Wallet, but it's a great alternative for Android.

Download Wallet for free on Android

Splitwise - Split expenses with friends

When you're not traveling alone, it's very likely that you will split the expenses. It can get hard to keep track of who paid for what in which currency. That's where Spliwise comes in: each time someone pays for the group, add it in the slick app and choose how to split the expense. You get a summary of who owes how much to whom, in all the currencies you used.

My favorite feature?

Even when it gets tricky and multiple people paid different amounts, Splitwise lets you tailor the expense entry specifically to your situation.

Download Splitwise for free on Android and iOS

XE Currency - Live exchange rates

It's easy to get lost with exchange rates when you're traveling from one country to another. When you're on the go, XE Currency gives you live rates (updates every 60 seconds, customizable) to know exactly how much you're spending in your currency of reference.

My favorite feature?

Waiting for the exchange rate to reach a certain level? Create a rate alert: the currency app will warn you when the market has reached your expectations. You can follow 10 currencies at the same time, for free.

Download XE Currency for free on Android and iOS

Expensify - Expense reports that don't suck

Planning a business trip? By taking a simple picture of your receipts, Expensify creates reports on your expenses for you to get the true cost of your trip. The "Price to Beat" feature allows you (or your boss) to fix a limit as an objective.

My favorite feature?

The app is integrated with multiple other travel apps such as HotelTonight or Uber. These expenses will automatically be added to the app without you lifting a finger.

Download Expensify for free on Android and iOS

Hang out

Cool Cousin - Connect with locals and get personalized guidance

When I discover a new city, I try not to visit it as a tourist. Cool Cousin connects you to like-minded savvy locals that can recommend places to go to based on what you like. Into art? Connect with a local who knows the best museums and exhibitions in town. Looking for a cool bar with Mexican food. Someone else's got you covered. You can also message them directly if you need more info.

My favorite feature?

Access a map of the locals' top points of interest even offline. Wherever you are, you'll find a place you might like!

Download Cool Cousin for free on iOS

Time Out - The best things to do in cities worldwide

No matter what you're interested in, Time Out can suggest a place to go to. Eating, drinking, chilling, clubing, watching a movie, visiting... Some recommendations are very specific, like a concert with feminist singers for example! The app covers most of the big cities around the world.

My favorite feature?

Add the "Things you love" and customize your home screen for personalized recommendations. Get ideas instantly!

Download Time Out for Android and iOS.

Google Trips - Travel planner

More complete, Google Trips also organize your travel info in an app that also provide recommendations for things to do, food and drinks. Your travel info is automatically pulled from your Gmail account so that all your bookings are stored in the same place, which makes it one of the most useful and best free travel apps in 2020. And everything is also available offline.

My favorite feature?

A map displays popular day plans which you can customize according to your interests.

Download Google Trips for free on Android and iOS

Trip Advisor - Read reviews, compare prices and book

Maybe less original but formidably effective, TripAdvisor's travel app gives you access to millions of reviews on accommodations, restaurants, and activities. You can book directly from the app

My favorite feature?

The "Near Me Now" provides suggestions around your location.

Download Trip Advisor for Android and iOS.

Guides by Lonely Planet - Discover your destination

Another must-download free travel app to "get to the heart of a destination", Guides by Lonely Planet is a comprehensive tool for every travel seeking insights from experts. Full of tips, city guides will recommend places to see, eat, sleep, shop, drink, and play for over 150 cities worldwide.

My favorite feature?

"Need to Know" curates the most useful information for you not be lost when you arrive, from budget to transportation tips.

Download Guides by Lonely Planet for free on Android and iOS


Google Translate - Instant translation

Nothing can prevent you from being understood with Google Translate. It's your free pass to global communication! Download a language and you've got yourself an offline translator. You can even write or draw words and symbols by hand, which saved me in China. Having trouble understanding what your interlocutor is saying? Politely ask him to speak into the microphone to get an instant translation! You can use your camera to get an instant translation. I use it every time I'm going to the restaurant in Bulgaria (I'm having some difficulties with the Cyrillic alphabet...)!

My favorite feature?

With Tap to Translate, get instant translation from any other app!

Download Google Translate for Android and iOS.

Duolingo - Learn languages for free

If you're not too lazy and have some time during transportation, you can also learn the rudiments of a new language. It will please the locals and you'll be proud of yourself! The short and fun lessons' efficacy has been proven by research. Learn the most spoken languages and some less popular such as Esperanto and Swahili with Duolinguo!

It has premium features, but it's the best free travel app to learn the basics of a language fast in a fun way.

My favorite feature?

The app has a lot of gaming elements with challenges that encourage you to use it regularly and make learning entertaining.

Download Duolingo for Android and iOS.

Memrise - Learning, made joyful

Voted Best App for the 2017 Google Play Awards, Memrise lets you learn any of their 200+ languages in the funniest way. It's an awesome alternative to the popular Duolingo, with an offline mode to learn on the go.

My favorite feature?

"Help me remember" gives you fun ways to remember a word in pictures.

Download Memrise for free on Android and iOS

Whatsapp - Simple, secure and reliable communication

Traveling is awesome, which doesn't mean you won't get homesick and want to contact relatives. Or stay in touch with the people you meet along the way. With Whatsapp, you just need an internet connection to send messages, photos, videos and documents in private or group conversations and start vocal or video calls.

My favorite feature?

When I'm too lazy to write, I simply send vocal messages by pressing the microphone icon. And when I'm on my laptop, I use Whatsapp Web: just scan a QR code with your phone and everything will be synchronized!

*Source: Beebom*

Download Whatsapp for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Find and meet people

Glympse - Your location, your terms

Traveling with friends who don't want to do the same activities as you? Glympse makes it easy to find each other when you need to meet up again. Share your location only with the people you want, however you want: SMS, email, Whatsapp... Define for how long you want to send, who will be the recipient and in a few tap, they'll be able to track your location.

My favorite feature?

You can send a pre-defined message from a whole library along with your location and activate an option that lets the recipient see your speed.

image caption

Download Glympse for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Worldpackers - Travel the world

Want to meet locals who need a hand? Worldpackers puts you in touch with NGOs, hostels, social projects and others who can host you in exchange for work. You can travel on a budget, discover a new culture and share your talents! After a few questions regarding where you're traveling, for how long, what your skills are, you'll be presented with a bunch of opportunities you can apply to.

My favorite feature?

The "Community" section lets you connect with fellow Worldpackers traveling in the same region as you.

Download Worldpackers for free on Android and iOS

Meetup - We are what we do

It's always nice to meet like-minded people when you travel, especially when they share your passion. With Meetup, you select what you're interested in and join people around you who share that interest. Tons of interest suggestions are available, from gastronomy, sport, writing, language, family.

My favorite feature?

If there's none of your interest is available, you can create your own meetup! Meetup helps you find members and organizing the meeting. You can then go teach skateboarding to puppies together if that's what you're into!

Download Meetup for free on Android and iOS

Knowing where you are

Google Maps - Navigation and transit

One of the most classic and yet so useful apps of this top, Google Maps is perfect to get directions and find places. Check pictures and reviews, make a reservation, and get real-time information such as where the gas stations nearby are, right from the app. You can download an area to access all the information offline if you're on the go.

My favorite feature?

Maps now lets you download indoor maps for airports, museums, and stadium.

*Source: Digital Trends*

Download Google Maps for Android and iOS.

MAPS.ME - Detailed offline maps of the world

For a great level of details even in the most remote areas of the globe MAPS.ME is sometimes even better than Google Maps. In China, the app showed a small passage leading up a hill that we didn't notice. On top, I enjoyed an amazing view of the sunset.

My favorite feature?

Everything is totally offline, you never have to wonder if you forgot to turn off your mobile data.

Download MAPS.ME for free on Android and iOS

Go around

Waze - The best route with real-time help

Get real-time traffic info from other drivers: with a community of more than 85 million drivers, know when there is an accident, a police control or traffic-jams on your itinerary and get automatically redirected. Save money on gas with community info on the cheapest gas station.

My favorite feature?

You can record your own voice to give directions to yourself!

Download Waze for free on Android and iOS

Uber - Get there

You also think that prices for taxis are too expensive in some cities? Uber is the perfect alternative when you need a ride. When I used the app in San Francisco, all my drivers were super friendly and helpful to give me tips on what to do around.

My favorite feature?

If you're not in a rush, you can share a ride with a stranger by using UberPOOL. Carpooling is a great way to save money and help the planet!

Download Uber for Android and iOS.

RunGo - Running routes with voice navigation

If you like to explore a new city on foot rather than on wheels, RunGo gives you turn by turn vocal indications. You can download routes in advance to save data while you run. Create your own route or save the one you just took with the Route Creator.

My favorite feature?

Get your stats, from average speed to calories burnt.

Download RunGo for free on Android and iOS


OpenTable - Restaurants and reservations

Find and book a table in one of OpenTable's thousands of restaurants from your phone. The sad part is that it's only available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Japan and a few more.

My favorite feature?

You secure rewards when you dine out or make a reservation.

Download OpenTable for free on Android and iOS

Foursquare - Find the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit in any city in the world

As crazy as it may sound, yes, Foursquare is still a thing, and it's a great way to find a place to eat! Select where you are and what type of food you're looking for and you get places to eat you might like around you.

My favorite feature?

With "Lists", save your favorite spots to find them again in a tap when you need them.

image caption

Download Foursquare for free on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

UberEATS - Food delivery

Exhausted after a day going around, you don't have the strength to look for a place to eat? UberEATS lets you order from tons of restaurants in large cities. With Uber's network, deliveries are fast and you need to tip: everything is included in the price!

My favorite feature?

Pay directly from your Uber account and follow where your food is on the map.

Download UberEATS for free on Android and iOS

Be organized

TripIt - Travel itinerary, trip planner

Centralize your travel plans in one place, accessible wherever you go: by letting TripIt check your mailbox, the travel app creates your itinerary for all of your trips. Afraid to lose your travel documents? Upload a digital copy in the app and keep it safe with a password.

My favorite feature?

If you upgrade to the Pro version, receive flight alerts in case of flight delays or cancellation and suggestions for alternative flights with empty seats.

Download TripIt for free on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

CamScanner - Turn your phone into a scanner

If you don't want to store your travel documents in TripIt, do it with CamScanner. Take a picture and store your digital copy in your app or in the cloud to access it from anywhere. Import pictures and documents directly from your library if they're already on your phone.

My favorite feature?

You can also share your documents as perfect PDFs: even if your picture doesn't look professional, the app automatically corrects the lighting to make it better.

Download CamScanner for free on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Rome2Rio - Discover how to get anywhere

You have the destination but you're not sure exactly what is the best way to get there? With the international route planning app Rome2Rio, find out all the options between plane, train, bus, ferry or car to get anywhere you want. Access your previous search even offline.

My favorite feature?

For each option, get an estimate of the time and price it will cost you.

Download Rome2Rio for free on Android and iOS

AccuWeather - Superior weather accuracy

What will the weather be like? Should I take my swimsuit or raincoat? AccuWeather provides the most accurate weather forecast out there. Get information like the UV index to know when to protect yourself. Check out the sunrise and sunset times and be ready to take beautiful pictures!

My favorite feature?

With MinuteCast, get minute-by-minute rain forecasts for the upcoming two hours in an area as precise as your street!

Download AccuWeather for free on Android and iOS

PackPoint - Travel packing list

You're the type of traveler who tends to forget things when packing? PackPoint was made for you. Based on your destination, the weather and the activities of your trip, the free travel app builds a packing list customized for you.

My favorite feature?

Upgrade to Premium and connect to your TripIt account to automatically create your packing lists.

Download PackPoint for free on Android and iOS

WiFi Finder - Fast secure WiFi

Traveling is a great opportunity to disconnect. But you do need your internet access sometimes, and there is nothing more frustrating than not finding a free WiFi hotspot. After trying several apps, I found that WiFi Finder is the best mobile app to find free WiFi. The map lets you filter the locations by free/pay or provider and is accessible offline.

My favorite feature?

The Wi-Fi Scanner detects and gives you the direction of all hotspots near you.

Download WiFi Finder for free on Android and iOS

My Pro Tip?

To get access to airports' WiFi password, check out the map below!

Turbo VPN - Unlimited free VPN

WiFi is great, secure WiFi is better. Always make sure that your data are safe by connecting to a VPN, especially when you're on a public network. I tried a bunch of VPNs and Turbo is my favorite: it's super fast and easy and the connection rarely cuts off compared to others, making it the best free travel app to safely browse the web.

My Pro Tip?

Some websites are restricted in a few countries, like Facebook in China for example. With a VPN, get your freedom back in a tap!

image caption

Download Turbo VPN for free on Android and iOS

Prey Anti Theft - Mobile tracking and security

A VPN is perfect to protect your data. What about the hardware, your smartphone? I don't wish it to you, but your phone might get stolen. If it does, you'll be glad you downloaded Prey Anti Theft before. Protect up to 3 devices with the free versions. Locate your phone, trigger the alarm, access detailed reports to help the police recover it. Thieves will regret messing with you.

My favorite feature?

You can block the device remotely to prevent the thief from doing anything or take pictures without them knowing. Screenshot remotely to know how your phone is being used.

Download Prey Anti-Theft for free on Android and iOS

Circa - Time zones made easy

Circa is a neatly designed app that provides the time in multiple time zones. The elegant visual representation makes it really easy to check the time in cities you selected. It's perfect to schedule meeting across borders.

My favorite feature?

Send a meeting invite in just a few taps.

image caption

Download Circa for free on Android and iOS

Entertain yourself

Flipagram - Create, share, discover

Need an easy, fun and visual way to tell your travel stories like a boss? Create videos and slideshows, add music from a wide and free library and a filter, then share your creations with your network on the most popular apps: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and more.

My favorite feature?

Music beats can affect the way your filter interact with the video or slideshow!

Download Flipagram for free on Android and iOS

Kindle - Millions of books at your fingertips

Hardcore reader but light packer? Amazon Kindle solves the problem by putting over 4 million books and magazines in your pockets, without adding a gram on your back. Thousands of them are free!

My favorite feature?

Customize your reading experience by choosing the font size, background color, and screen brightness. Just because you don't have a Kindle doesn't mean reading can't be comfortable!

Download Amazon Kindle for free on Android and iOS

Pocket - Save articles to view later

Found an interesting read but don't have the time right now? Save it for later with Pocket. The article will be accessible even offline! Get suggestions based on what you saved, favorited and on the people you follow. Find your article saved easily with the tag system. I use it every time I'm on the plane.

My favorite feature?

Don't feel like reading? Let someone read the article for you with the text-to-speech feature!

Download Pocket for free on Android and iOS

Detour - Guided walking tour

Solo traveler by heart, you'd still like to get the insights of a local when you go around? Try out an audio tour from Detour, narrated by a local. Condé Nast Traveler called the app nothing less than the "world's coolest audio guide". It's going to be one of the best travel apps of 2017: it's free for the summer!

My favorite feature?

The app uses your GPS to sync with your location and adapt the narration. I admit I didn't try this app yet but it sounds great!

Download Detour for free on Android and iOS

It seems like you're all set for your trip now that you've downloaded the best travel apps for free!

Just don't always look at your screen, make the most of your trip!

See you around, traveler!