Unlimited Claims

Think one step ahead and get unlimited free claims!
You're entitled to €600, you get €600

As an &#187;Unlimited Claims&#171; member, you can submit as many claims as you want,<br> which we will process for free and pay you 100% of<br> the compensation you are legally entitled to!

No<br>administrative fees


No<br>legal fees

How does &#187;Unlimited Claims&#171; work?

Your compensation<br>entitlementFlights of a distance<br>up to 1500 kmFlights of a distance<br>between 1500 and 3500 kmFlights of more than<br>a 3500 km distance
Without<br>&#187;Unlimited Claims&#171;*€187.5*€300*€450*
With<br>&#187;Unlimited Claims&#171;€250€400€600

*ClaimCompass takes a standard success-based commission (VAT incl.) for its services. Not with &#187;Unlimited Claims&#171; though!

Special offer for a limited time only!

Get 12 months of &#187;Unlimited Claims&#171;<br> for the same price as 6 months!


What our clients say

I used ClaimCompass the first time my<br> flight got delayed and was very happy <br> to get my money back! Way to go!<br> Marion
My last flight was delayed because of<br> bad weather, so I couldn't get any<br> compensation. I'm going with your package<br> because I think it gives me the best<br> value for when it happens.<br> Glenn
With the amount of traveling that I do,<br> this is exactly what I'm looking for.<br> Stephane
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