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Service becomes part of ClaimCompass

We’re happy to announce that Service - the app which saves you money when you travel - is now officially part of ClaimCompass!

With just a simple inbox connection, the Service app will discover past flights for which you’re eligible to claim compensation, as well as proactively monitor any future flights and hotel reservations you have coming up. This way you can get paid for flight disruptions and hotel rate changes without having to lift a finger.

Service Wizard

How Does Service Work?

Service helps travellers save money on hotel reservations and recover what they are owed for flight disruptions. The best part is that it does all of this automatically, in the background, without having you lift a finger!

To make this happen, all you need to do is sign up using your email address - thanks to the technology behind Service, we will automatically find past flight reservations you’re eligible to claim for, identify future flights and hotel bookings to monitor and inform you if you’re owed money.

Flight compensations

When scanning your inbox, Service goes back 12 months and looks for flights that have been cancelled or delayed by 90 minutes or more. We then inform you how much we think we can get you in compensation, so all you need to do is one tap to send the claim and we take care of the rest.

That’s not all! Once Service is connected to your inbox, we will continue to monitor all future flights and notify you if you’re ever entitled to more money.

Although in the US airlines aren’t required by law to provide compensation when your flight is delayed or cancelled, Service has been obtaining “good will” settlements and compensation from airlines. The latter are usually issued in the form of miles, travel vouchers or even cash.

The rules are different when it comes to European flights, where thanks to EU law (EC261) you can get between $330 (300€) and $660 (660€) in cash per passenger as flight delay compensation.

Hotel rebookings

Since 2018, Service has been helping travellers save on their hotel bookings as well. The way this works is by monitoring your hotel rate and if it drops, we’ll automatically rebook you using the cheaper rate. In the US, hotel rates tend to drop about 35% of the time with an average 10% per booking.

This feature is currently available for reservations in the following hotel brands: Best Western, Carlson Rezidor (Radisson & Park Plaza), Choice Hotels, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, Starwood and Wyndham. Your reservation must also have been booked under a refundable rate.

How Much Does Service Cost?

With Service, travellers get to pick from three different plans: Starter, Frequent Traveler, and Road Warrior.

Service Starter Plan: $0/yr

Our Starter plan comes with no upfront costs. When we secure your compensation from an airline or save you money on a hotel stay, we charge a 35% fee of the cash value of what we got for you for EC261 claims and 30% all other claims.

What if we don’t get anything? Then, there’s simply no fee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s that simple.

Service Frequent Traveler Plan: $49/yr

With the Frequent Traveler plan, you pay $49 per year and get to keep 100% of any cash, voucher or miles compensation, as well as savings on hotel stays - Service does not keep any Success fees. When it comes to European claims (EC261), then instead of 35% we’ll only charge you 20%.

The Frequent Traveler plan also comes with Priority service. Your airline claims are filed in a priority queue, so you can get your money faster. Your hotels get rebooked within 24 hours after we find a rate drop instead of 48 hours, as in the Starter plan. Plus, you get access to email and chat support.

Service’s Road Warrior plan: $199/yr

Finally, with the Road Warrior plan, for $199 per year, you get to keep everything that we secure for you: miles, vouchers, compensation form European carriers and savings on hotel reservations. There is simply no Success fee.

In addition, we grant you White Glove Service, meaning your claims take priority over all others and you receive customized support from our team to help increase the success rate of your claim.

It’s the best option to travel with maximum peace of mind year-round.

How does it work with miles and vouchers?

As previously mentioned, if you’re in the US or Canada, there’s a pretty good chance that your compensation will come in the form of a voucher and miles. How is the Success fee calculated then?

If you are on the Starter plan, then we will charge 30% of the voucher’s value as a Success fee. For example, if we secure a $100 voucher, we will charge you $30. Remember: with our Frequent Traveler and Road Warrior plans, this fee is waived.

To determine our Success fee with miles, we first calculate their cash value, based on the official publication from The Points Guy, which is updated monthly based on changes the airlines make to their programs. For instance, if we get you 10,000 miles, we will charge 30% of the cash value of the miles. Again, there’s no such fee with the Frequent Traveler and Road Warrior plans.

Service by ClaimCompass: travel better

Together with Service, ClaimCompass is ever more determined to bring travellers the most extensive coverage in passenger rights in the world, to ensure you have the smoothest and most pleasant experience possible.

Because that’s what travel is supposed to feel good, even if things don’t always go as planned.

Don’t have the Service App yet?

Get it now for free on the App Store or Google Play Store

Thomas Busson

Thomas Busson

Thomas is a Passenger Rights and Flight Compensation expert. Frequent traveller, he loves sharing tips and news to help people make the most of travel.

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Service becomes part of ClaimCompass
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