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Meet the #CCinterns!

This week we have the pleasure to introduce you to our amazing interns. Being quite the creative type, they decided to interview each other to tell us what they do and share their first impressions of Sofia and ClaimCompass. Enjoy!

ClaimCompass team

Thomas: Hi guys! First of all, let’s introduce ourselves. I come from the lovely city of Nantes, France, where I study Marketing at the Audencia Business School. I’m passionate about entertainment and new tech. I’m also a traveller in the making: after these 2 months in Sofia, I’m headed to China! During my time here, I’ll be working on the English version of ClaimCompass’ website. What about you Alexandra?

Alexandra: I’m from Belarus and for the past 2 years I’ve been studying International Economic Relations in Poland, and now I’m doing an internship in Bulgaria. So as you can see, I’m crazy about traveling and meeting new people. I’m going to work on the Russian version of ClaimCompass. Orhan, what about you?

Orhan: I am from Albania and I’m currently doing a Master’s in Turkey in the field of Management. Since I am graduating soon, I decided to do an internship which would help me in develop my technical skills - so here I am, working at ClaimCompass on the Turkish version.

Thomas: So our first week at ClaimCompass is now behind us: how was it like for you?

Alexandra: As my first internship in a startup company, I can honestly say that people should be jealous of such an experience. Even though our team differs quite a lot in terms of culture and personality, none of us feels uncomfortable about working together. It’s quite the opposite actually! So if I could describe it in a couple of words, it would be: nice atmosphere, great and open-minded team, real motivation to work. And a lot of coffee, of course.

Orhan: In my opinion, this first week at ClaimCompass was very positive: the team is very friendly and helpful which matches my expectations. I am very excited about the upcoming weeks, because we have planned a lot and challenges lie ahead of us.

Thomas: I agree with you guys. I already feel like a part of the team, as though we’ve been here for a year already! What’s great is that I love what I’m doing. I feel like everyone really makes a point of having us learn a lot every day and keep us busy. I can barely realize it’s been a week already to be honest. By the way, how come you ended up here in Sofia for this internship?

Alexandra: To be honest, I had no idea where to go and what to do this summer. So it was just a matter of luck for me to come to Sofia. Moreover, I’m passionate about different cultures which differ from mine. What about you, Thomas?

Thomas: I was looking for an internship abroad that would make my resume more ‘international’ after an entire year of work in France. I received several offers, especially in the UK and Spain, but it felt too close to France, both geographically and culturally. I just wanted to try something completely new, and I had never been to Eastern Europe before! Plus, I had the feeling the team here would be the best.

Alexandra: And I guess you’re also planning on travelling while you’re here, right?

Thomas: Of course! In addition to the trips organized by the team for our team-building weekends, we should at least go to Romania: I want to see Dracula’s castle by the end of the internship!

Orhan: I totally agree guys. Even more, we may visit some other cities in Greece or even here in Bulgaria. As far as Transylvania goes - definitely up to feel Dracula’s spirit!

Alexandra: And what about your first impressions on the locals in Sofia?

Thomas: Overall everyone is nice! It’s funny though how difficult it can be to be understood sometimes: the younger generation speaks English so it’s ok for me, but most other people don’t. And my Bulgarian is far from fluent… But speaking with your hands is international enough, so we can always manage!

Orhan: It is my first time in Sofia and to be honest, I feel familiar with the people and the city, the latter being quite similar to our cities, with a typical balkanic spirit and mentality. Anyway, there are also some different characteristics of the city and culture as a whole. The cyrillic letters and the language are really challenging to understand.

Alexandra: As for me, I feel close to the local people as far as we share a quite similar history between our countries. And I consider it as a plus that they may have problems talking to us in English. So we’ll have more motivation to learn Bulgarian now! And what are your expectations for the rest of your stay here?

Thomas: I hope I’ll eventually manage to remember a few words of Bulgarian! And keep learning, that’s what is making this experience so rich.

Alexandra: I just want to continue spending every day doing what I like with our team, explore Bulgaria and have an unforgettable summer. And what are your expectations, Orhan?

Orhan: I have similar expectations to yours guys. I expect to continue learning from this internship and to have some breathtaking moments that will make this summer unique.

Drop us a line if you’re in Sofia! We love to hang out, explore the city, and even though we feel like locals - a tour guide is always a good idea! In the meantime, we’ll keep updating the blog with cool articles and useful information, so don’t forget to subscribe!

Thomas Busson

Thomas Busson

Thomas is the SEO and Content Strategist at ClaimCompass. Frequent traveller, he loves sharing tips and news about the industry in a simple way.

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Meet the #CCinterns!
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