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Mean Tweets: When Passengers are Mad at Their Airline on Twitter

Have you ever watched the "Mean Tweets" from Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show? Basically, celebrities read mean tweets about themselves in front of the camera.

Twitter is indeed a perfect place for people to express their thoughts - particularly for passengers who need to unleash their wrath against the airlines!

I mean, what is more annoying than a canceled or delayed flight when you are at the airport, all packed and ready to leave? We’ve gathered a few of these, you know … for inspiration regarding what we do at ClaimCompass. Enjoy!

Obviously, some passengers are slightly angry

And yet, some others really make you feel for them…

Especially when delayed flights are getting in the way of love. This is just wrong.

And apparently, sometimes, airlines are in a mood for jokes!

By the way, If you want to know the reasons behind the “operational reasons” excuses for delays and cancellations, take a look at our interview with a flight attendant!

One was even in for a nice delay record!

But as long as passengers get a compensation it’s all good, right? No, it’s not.

By the way, you can learn more about your right to care when your flight was canceled right here!

At least this one had ham...

Someone else was pissed about getting only water apparently… #DrownYourSorrow

Others just made me LMAO

And my personal favorite…

I hope this was fun for you!

Remember, you may get up to 600€ in compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight!

Stay stunned for more cool posts about travel and passenger rights!

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Thomas Busson

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Mean Tweets: When Passengers are Mad at Their Airline on Twitter
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