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Hopper Secret Fares: Save up to $500 on Flight Tickets

Hopper has been one of my favorite travel apps for a long time.

And with their Secret Fares, it's not going to change anytime soon: get ready to find even cheaper flight tickets with exclusive Hopper Deals!

Hopper's Secret Fares Give you Access to Extra Cheap Flights

Hopper's team has been working hard to help you save time and money and relieve you from searching an online deal by yourself.

"Instead of wasting hours searching for flight deals, what if the airlines could simply send you a private, personalized deal via push notification?"

Relying on a study from 2014 that showed that airfare increased 4.5% when searching for a deal online.

"Our goal has always been to take the stress out of travel planning and, ultimately, save users time and money by moving the flight shopping process away from search and turning it into a mobile conversation. Today, we're excited to take that idea a step further by launching Secret Fares. Now, you'll find prices on Hopper that aren't available anywhere else." Brianna Scheinder, Director of Communications at Hopper

These Secret Fares are up to 35% cheaper than the very same ticket available anywhere else - including on the airline's website. Hopper claims that even if you search for the same long-haul flight on metasearch sites, you won't find cheaper prices than their Secret Fares.

Savings on long-haul flight can be more than $500.

How do Hopper's Secret Deals Work?

These secret fares are only available on the Hopper app (available on the App Store and Google Play). Not even on the airline's website. So how did they pull that off?!

Hopper is very transparent about it: they are partnering up with several airlines that have agreed to provide exclusive discounts to Hopper users.

Here are some flights that users have aready booked during their beta-testing phase:


Some of the airlines partnering up with Hopper for these deals have been revealed and include Air Canada, Air China, Copa, LATAM, Turkish Airlines, and WestJet.

"Hopper is releasing Secret Fares on over 60,000 routes to international destinations like Tokyo, Melbourne, Paris, Barcelona, Rio De Janeiro, and Costa Rica. Secret Fares aren't opaque so just like purchasing a regular-priced ticket, you'll know all of the details about your flight such as the airline, departure time, arrival time, etc., before you book."

How to Get the Secret Fares?

Easy. When searching on the app, just keep an eye out for Special Agent Buns. Tap on him and unlock the secret low price immediately. There are more likely to show up for destinations that you "Watch" - a Hopper feature that lets you track flights to a specific destination.


Hopper also gives you the option to activate push notifications, to be alerted of these discounted deals on your mobile devices.

There's a catch though: you better act fast! In their explainer video (at the beginning of this post), Hopper claims that "these deals may self-destruct". In other words, the discounts are only temporary, to encourage you to boo the flight NOW:


Secret Fares Offer a Win-Win Situation for Airlines and Air Passengers

These Secret Fares allow airlines to reach a valuable audience: Hopper is the #1 flight booking app in the US and is mainly used by Millenials (62% of their users).

Airlines also take advantage of Hopper's push notification system, a private communication channel that Hopper heavily relies on: they send more than 400 million push notifications every year!

Also, by offering these Secret Deals exclusively on Hopper, airlines secure bookings several months before the flight, without giving their competition a chance to align themselves on their prices.

What's in it for travelers?

Air passengers will be able to save hundreds of dollars on flight tickets, without having to endlessly look for cheap airfares on multiple sites!

Download the Hopper app and find your Secret Fare!

And don't forget! If you had a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight, you can get up to 600€ in compensation!

Thomas Busson

Thomas Busson

Thomas is the SEO and Content Strategist at ClaimCompass. Frequent traveller, he loves sharing tips and news about the industry in a simple way.

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Hopper Secret Fares: Save up to $500 on Flight Tickets
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