Travel Jargon: How to Sound Travel-Savvy in 15 Words & Expressions

Looking for a quick and easy way to shine in every conversation? Learn this travel jargon and you'll sound travel-savvy in no time!

Travel Jargon: How to Sound Travel-Savvy in 15 Words & Expressions

Looking for a quick and easy way to shine in every conversation? Learn this travel jargon and you'll sound travel-savvy in no time!

"Just look up my PNR in your GDS and make sure it's not a red-eye flight. Oh, and that price is too high, it's shoulder season after all, don't make me call the consolidator myself!"

I bet this doesn't mean much to you, right? No worries, we got you covered. Here are some of the vocabulary of the travel jargon, which you've probably heard while traveling.

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Get Ready to Speak like a Travel Expert

1. Add-on – Extras you add on your reservation, such as excess baggage or an upgrade. Now, booking a hotel or renting a car at the same time as buying your flight ticket is considered an add-on. And it could help you save money on your trip.

2. Base fare – The cost of your airfare prior to taxes and surcharges, and respectively, the explanation why a ticket before taxes and fees is $50, and after - $650. Just kidding. Almost.

3. Blackout dates – The dates, when specials and promotions will not apply. Such periods can include Christmas holidays or Spring break. If you're looking for a cheap flight, don't even think about these and be flexible instead.

4. Boutique hotel – Small, yet prestigious hotel, with services tailored to a particular crowd. The French Riviera or Lake Como are two examples of locations, where one might come across boutique hotels. They are far from being the cheapest lodgings you can find when traveling but they guarantee a memorable experience! You can also find cool boutique hotels on Airbnb (use this voucher)

5. Consolidator – A travel business, which has direct contracts with major airlines. A consolidator may reserve or buy seats in bulk at a lower price with intent to resell them at a different price.

You're Definitely Getting Travel-Savvy

6. EU Regulation 261/2004 – Also known as EC261, it is the EU law protecting passenger rights and helping you claim flight delay compensation or flight cancellation compensation.

7. Gastro-tourism – Basically, traveling for the food. Sure, that could include Instagramming your food as well. We have referenced some of our favorite travel and food blogs, if you want to get a clearer idea.

8. Global distribution system GDS – An international system, primarily used by travel professionals to search in an extensive number of databases of suppliers and air carriers. The most popular ones are Sabre and Amadeus.

9. Hub – A hub city is an airlines’ home of sorts. For example, Air France’s hub city is Paris. Subscribing to the newsletter of the airline based in your closest hub is a good step toward saving money on flights.

10. Layover – The time and money you spend duty-free shopping at the airport, while waiting for your connecting time. If only you knew what to do at the airport...

About to Master the Travel Jargon

11. Net fare, net rate – Meaning the price already includes any commissions and surcharges.

12. PNR – Passenger Name Record, often referred to as a “booking number”. It is a unique number, usually a combination of letters and digits, which contains specific passenger data. You will also need it to submit a flight compensation claim.

13. Red-eye flight – An overnight flight. More often than not, flights which take place between 9PM and 7AM. They are among the best friends of every budget travelers: a red-eye flight is on average cheaper and lets you save on accommodation fees for one night!

14. Shoulder season – A period, during which prices are at their average midpoint.

15. Suite – A kind of hotel room, which resembles an apartment, offering a common area such as living room or a kitchen corner.

You Polyglot, you...

You made it! If you can remember all of these and use some of these expressions in a conversation, you are sure to pass for a travel expert and impress the others. These guys will sound so boring compared to you...