Lost Luggage: Claim Compensation with Service by ClaimCompass

The airline lost your luggage? We handle your claim with Service by ClaimCompass. Get up to 1,400€ in compensation!

Lost Luggage: Claim Compensation with Service by ClaimCompass

ClaimCompass started out by helping air passengers claim compensation for delayed or canceled flights.

Following our mission to improve the too-often bad experience of air travel, we're thrilled to announce that you can now submit a compensation claim for your lost luggage!

Under the Montreal Convention of 1999, passengers can claim up to 1,400 EUR for their damaged, delayed, or lost luggage on international flights. But even if your situation doesn’t fall under the scope of the convention, ClaimCompass will try to get another form of goodwill payment from the airline.

You can submit a baggage claim on our website in just a few steps:

How to Get Compensation for Lost Luggage?

Once you’re in our Compensation Calculator, here’s how you can fill out the form to submit a claim.

Start by filling out the basic information regarding your journey: where it started and ended, along with any layovers you may have had.

On the next step, select “My luggage was lost”.

The answer to the next question depends on whether you have already received your baggage.

  • If not, you’ll go straight to the next step.
  • If you have, indicate when you received it

The next step requires you to fill out some more information about your flight, along with your booking reference (also known as PNR, it is usually mentioned in your reservation confirmation and eticket).

After that, if you’ll be prompted to continue your claim with Service by ClaimCompass. There are a couple of scenario that depend on your situation:

  • If you have received your luggage less than 21 days after the flight, we will seek a goodwill compensation from the airline on your behalf
  • If you haven’t received your luggage yet or did but more than 21 days after the date of the flight, you may be entitled to compensation under the Montreal Convention

You can then choose how you want to proceed with your claim:

  • One-time Service: we will only take care of this claim
  • Annual Service: in addition to your luggage claim, we will look for past disrupted flights for which you may be entitled to compensation and monitor your future flights

Then, you may describe the issue in more detail, add passengers to your claim, and upload documents that are necessary for us to contact the airline, including:

  • Booking reservation
  • Luggage tag
  • Receipts of expenses
  • Property irregularity report

What is Service by ClaimCompass?

Service is ClaimCompass’ travel app. It helps travelers save 300€ per year on average. How?

With a simple inbox connection, Service scans your mailbox and looks for flights that have been delayed or canceled, for which you may be entitled to compensation. In addition, it monitors your future flights and automatically saves you money by:

  • Filing claims for disrupted flights
  • Rebooking your hotel reservation at the lower price when the price of your room drops

With Service, ClaimCompass aims at helping passengers beyond the scope of the European law on passenger rights.

Your luggage claim will be processed thanks to Service.

Try it now!