Live Flight Tracker Map: Delays Today and Flight Status by Airline

Check delayed flights in real-time with the Misery Map and find out flight statuses by airline. This post compiles everything you need to track your flight!

Live Flight Tracker Map: Delays Today and Flight Status by Airline

In this post, we've made it easy for you to track the status of your flight and flight delays today, in real time.

Live flight trackers by airline help you keep an eye on flight statuses. We also linked to handy flight delay maps

Let's start with the tools that allow you to visualize flight delays in the blink of an eye!

Did you know that you can get a flight delay compensation when your plane is late?

Travelers may get up to 600€ per person from the airline:

Flight Delay Map: Check Flights Delayed Today

With Flightaware, you can visualize flight delay at each of the main airports in the world in a quick look. Zoom in to find the airport you want, click on it, and you'll get a summary of how many flights are delayed.

This handy plane tracker also lets you get an idea of the meteorological conditions at this airport, in real time.

If you click on "more info", you'll be redirected to the airport page, where you can see all arriving and departing planes in real time.

Flightaware also created the appropriately named Misery Map for the US. Live flight delays are showcased on a map: for each airport, flights are divided into "on-time" and "misery", the latter being further divided between flight delays and cancellations.

Here's a snapshot of how it looks like:

It's true that it's sometimes hard to get the full picture when it comes to flight delays and cancellation. How to know whether your flight is affected or not? And if it is, will the airline let you know in advance? Flightaware monitors US skies to let you track flights on a global scale.

The Federal Aviation Administration also provides a handy flight delay map. Unlike the previous ones, it allows users to search by airport or visualize only a specific region rather than the whole country.

Just hover over an airport on the map from the FAA to know the general trend for this airport: is traffic normal? Are there short delays? Is the airport closed? The map also indicates the reason for the delays when it affects several flights. E.g. "due to weather, departure traffic destined to PHL is subject to a ground delay program.

While these tools don't help you deal with late planes or claim compensation for flight delays, they are of great help when it comes to planning.

In the next section, you'll find flight status tracker links to know more about YOUR flight.  

Flight Tracker by Airline

Most of the time, you don't care about the general situation as much as the status of your flight. That's why we've gathered live flight trackers by airlines here.

How can I track my flight?

Simple. Just scroll till you find the airline that operates your flight, then click on the link! Each link takes you to the real-time flight tracker of the airline.

Delta flight tracker

If your flight is operated by Delta Air Lines, use the link below. Delta is one of the largest air carriers in the US. They operate international and domestic flights. When your flight is delayed, EU law may protect your rights, even when US regulations don't.

Click here to track your Delta flight

Is your flight with Delta delayed? You may be entitled to $700 (600€) in compensation from the airline. Claim your delayed flight compensation from Delta now!

Southwest flight tracker

Southwest is the largest low-cost US airline. However, it doesn't operate flights to or from Europe. As a result, Southwest isn't under the jurisdiction of the EU Regulation 261/2004.

Click here to track your Southwest flight

Get compensated by Southwest for the delay of your flight. Claim compensation from Southwest now!

JetBlue flight tracker

Use the link below to find out the flight status of a JetBlue flight.

Click here to track your JetBlue flight

JetBlue could owe you up to 600€ for the delay of your flight. Get a compensation from JetBlue for your late flight!

American Airlines flight tracker

American Airlines is the largest US airline. They operate intercontinental flights. Passengers who had a delayed flight with American Airlines when departing from the EU are entitled to compensation. Check the status of your American Airline flight in real time with their live flight tracker with the link below.

Click here to track your American Airlines flight

Get a delayed flight compensation from American Airline for your delayed flight. If you reached your destination at least 3 hours late, the US air carrier could owe you up to $700 (600€) according to EC261.

Air Canada flight tracker

Air Canada also operates international flights. Those may be subject to either the EU or Canadian regulations. Passenger rights in Canada vary from those in Europe or in the US. Track your Air Canada flight with the link below to find out if you're the victim of a delayed flight.

Click here to track your Air Canada flight

If you've had a flight delay with Air Canada, the airline may owe you money. Claim compensation from Air Canada for your delayed flight!

EasyJet flight tracker

The link below will take you to easyJet's live flight tracker. Check out if your flight is delayed or cancelled in a few minutes. Keep in mind that easyJet is under the EU Regulation's jurisdiction, so you may be entitled to compensation if your flight is indeed late.

Click here to track your easyJet flight

Claim a flight delay compensation compensation from easyJet to get up to 600€ from the airline for the late arrival of your plane.

Ryanair flight tracker

If your Ryanair is delayed at destination by at least 3 hours, you can get compensated by the largest low-cost airline in Europe. Use the link below to track your flight status.

Click here to track your Ryanair flight

If your Ryanair flight was delayed, the Irish airline could owe you 400€. Claim a compensation for delayed flight from Ryanair now!

Tracking your Flight to Enforce your Rights

Tracking flights to know their status is great for planning, whether you're flying yourself or picking up someone at the airport. However, it won't prevent the delay or the cancellation from happening.

The flight delay maps above can hopefully help you find some comfort in knowing that you're not the only one in this mess! The flight trackers will let you know what to expect of your flight.

And if it turns out that your flight is delayed, you can get up to 600€ in compensation!

Useful advice on travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic: