The 45 Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2022

Budget travel, tips, news, solo female, wanderlust, digital nomads... Here are the best travel blogs of each category to follow in 2021!


There are literally thousands of travel blogs out there, this one included.

A great many of them are awesome. And that's the problem.

How do you know exactly where to look for the right information? The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re searching for travel tips, an inspiration to get you on the road (or in the air), travel news, or the latest deals available, the place you turn to won’t be the same.

And if you're like me, you like to get only the best! Right?

That’s why I compiled this list of 20 of my top travel blogs so that you don't have to spend hours looking for the right blog. Take a look at them, pick the ones you love most and save yourself the hassle.

These ones are among ClaimCompass’ favorites, the ones where our frequent travelers and myself turn to when looking for advice and recommendations!


The Best Budget Travel Blogs

James & Sarah, from The Whole World or Nothing


Don't be mistaken by the name: they're not planning on visiting absolutely every country in the world. "The Whole World or Nothing" is all about the spirit: to get out there and make your dreams happen. Not to let hardships get you down and keep going, no matter what. To do what you love without compromise. A philosophy inspired by Charles Bukowski, who was "all about doing".

But it wasn't just their favorite author that put them on such a path. The couple ditched the corporate life for a year-long round the world trip. But after that, they couldn't fathom going back to a regular office. So they left their life behind and hit the road, working harder than ever to make their dream come true. But it's not real work if you love what you're doing, right?

Since then, James and Sarah have embarked on a journey of exciting adventures for as little money as possible. They're very down to earth, which is what we love about them. They're just normal people, with a bunch of fantastic tips to travel on a budget!

"The most important thing to travelling on a limited budget is to spend your money on things that you really enjoy. Don’t try to skimp on everything because you’ll end up not having a very enjoyable experience. Just prioritise what’s important to you and spend less on the things that aren’t."
James & Sarah

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Marek, from Indie Traveller


The beginning of the Indie Traveller's story is a 2-month trip to Thailand turned 2-year world trip. Marek quit the corporate world in 2012 after successful disappointing experiences. He now lives in beautiful Lisbon; the Portuguese city acts as a base that Marek uses to explore around.

Marek has grown a lot since the beginning of his explorations and has become a reference among solo budget travellers. Because he makes a point of pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone, he enjoyed amazing experiences with the locals, from crashing a wedding in Laos (by accident, of course) to watching the football world cup with Argentinians in a liposuction clinic in Cordoba.

He also wrote a 280+ page complete guide to long-term budget travel, "Travel the World Without Worries". And if that still isn't enough, take a look at his destinations guides: covering a wide range of countries, they are packed with honest tips to help you travel on a budget.

"As one of the best places to travel on a budget in 2019 I recommend the Caucasus region, in particular Georgia and Armenia. These countries are still not so well known on the traveller circuit, but they are filled with amazing mountain scenery, incredible monasteries (some built inside caves), not to mention some amazing food (all the ingredients are organically grown and delicious). I spent less than $20 a day while travelling through these countries and staying in hostels and guesthouses."

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Debra, from Travelling Well for Less


A former 12-year executive in the travel industry, Debra sure has experience when it comes to scoring the cheapest deals. We completely adhere to her philosophy of spending less, but spending on travel. But that doesn't mean she gave up on comfort: her adventures are the proof that one can live well even on a budget. You just have to be smart about it.

She's been exploring the world since 1994 thanks to a combination of fare deals, airline miles, and credit card points: the mother of two is an expert travel hacker! Debra is mainly a solo traveller, although she loves travelling with her family: you'll find plenty of tips to travel on the cheap even during school holidays on her blog!

"Traveling doesn't have to be expensive. You can travel the world for less by using airline miles and credit card points."

The active woman flies over 180,000 miles a year, but she stills finds the time to share how YOU can also book cheap flights. From advice on saving money without compromising on quality to finding the best times to travel to avoid overpaying, her blog is packed with must-reads for the aspiring budget traveller and travel hacker.

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Yoshke & Vins, from The Poor Traveller


Knowing what NOT to do is arguably as important as learning what to do when travelling. The Poor Traveller is the perfect place for that. Yoshke and Vins are very transparent about their misadventures, which they have thoroughly detailed on the blog, so that you don't waste your money (like they initially did).

Not all budget travelers are backpackers: Yoshke and Vins are casual travellers, not full-time nomads. They like to save money so that they can better spend it on valuable experiences. The Poor Traveler is more about helping you find the best value for money than it is about finding ways to travel cheaply.

They have been acknowledged as a reference in the budget travel sphere on multiple occasions, being featured in USA Today, BBC World, CNN, and many others! With so much success, they had to expand the team. This helps them build one of the most comprehensive set of detailed destination guides out there. Wherever you're going, they probably have some tips to help you save some money there!

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Agness and Cez from Etramping


Agness and Cez are the adventurers behind Etramping. You'll find their blog to be an amazing resource, whether you're looking for tips to save money or to make the most of your next adventure.

The Polish travel buddies both ditched their regular jobs to embark on a life of adventures. Etramping is packed with money-saving tips, but most of all, Agness and Cez amaze us for the excitement and intensity that transpires from their travels. Reading about their trips is like being there with them... or at least makes you want to join them!

If you're bored with all-inclusive holidays but rather need inspiration for trips of a lifetime, look no further than Etramping!

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Darren & Shelly, from Finding Beyond


The British couple is originally from London, but they can't seem to be able to stay in one place for too long. For the past 11 years, they have been travelling on and off, sometimes living their jobs for a whole year to turn nomad.

Unlike many, they're adept of leaving without a plan. They see it as a perfect way to travel more freely and to enjoy their trips even more by moving around slowly. They make a few sacrifices to save money and travel for a longer time instead.

Darren and Shelly have actually started an exciting new adventure: they sold all they owned, booked a one-way ticket to Asia, and left for good. But now, not only are they travelling on a budget, they also adopted the digital nomad lifestyle, working and travelling at the same time, earning enough income to make their adventure last longer. They have great advice to share on travelling on a budget and finding ways to earn money on the road!

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Eden, from Mint Notion


Saving money for a trip is great. Developing winning financial habits that let you travel more often is better. That's what Eden is all about. A former shopaholic herself, she successfully transitioned to a more minimalistic lifestyle that revolves around "intentional living" - becoming mindful and choosing how to spend your time and money.

Contrary to many bloggers who quit the corporate world for a life of travel, Eden left her job to go back to school. She graduated Business School with an MBA in Strategic Planning - with NO debt! She discovered useful tips and developed effective ideas to both save and make money. She now shares everything on her blog to help people live a meaningful life in which money isn't an issue.

Eden qualifies as a "luxury traveller on a budget". Just because she doesn't want to compromise on comfort doesn't mean she's going to splurge on expensive accommodation. And neither should you. She can teach you how to travel better for less.

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Patti, from The Savvy Globetrotter


Patti has traveled to over 40 countries and all 7 continents in the past 20 years. She doesn't stick to a unique travel style: she's into anything from budget to luxury travel. She created her blog to help you travel smarter - cheaper, safer and in more comfort, that is.

On the Savvy Globetrotter, you'll find tips and tricks for everything from packing, travel hacking and traveling on a budget as well as travel inspiration. The native from Chicago sure has plenty to offer to those just starting out!

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The Best Travel Tips Blogs

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt
Screenshot from

Matthew Kepnes' travel blog is nothing short of my favorite source of information when it comes to budget travel. Nomadic Matt is among the pioneers of travel blogging and has since become a New York Times best-selling author with his great book "How to Travel the World on $50 a day".

More than providing actionable tips to travel cheaper and better, Nomadic Matt created a community of travelers determined to help each other travel more.

I love that he's still a very normal guy who doesn't consider himself a travel expert despite his years of experience.

And guess what:

He hates flying! Isn't that ironic for the man behind one of the best travel blogs?

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Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl
Screenshot from

Talking about pioneers, Derek (widely known by his middle name, Earl) is on the road since 1999. With his very honest feedback on his travel experiences, the good and the bad, he provides great travel advice both for first-time explorers and savvy adventurers.

Simple and authentic, he focuses on what's essential for him when he travels: meeting people. He perfectly illustrates the benefits of interacting with locals when you travel.

Far from being fond of tourist crowds, he eventually started organizing his own "Wandering Earl Tours" in very small groups, to destinations everywhere around the globe.

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Lost With Purpose

Lost With Purpose
Screenshot from

Alex and Sebastiaan, the founders of Lost with Purpose, invite you to discover lesser-known regions of the world and give you some great advice on how to enjoy your trip. For instance, while a lot of people dream of Australia, Cuba or Paris, they show you the beauty of Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan.

They make sure to provide detailed and extremely useful advice to travelers decided to undertake a journey to destinations that generally suffer from bad publicity.

They are among the best travel blogs because they are fully aware that some regions are more dangerous to others, but they provide great tips to prepare and encourage people to open their minds to these countries when planning their trip.

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Two Bad Tourists

Two Bad Tourists
Screenshot from

The young gay couple assures that it's good to be a bad tourist: they reveal their secrets for an off-the-beaten-track experience wherever you go. They travel more slowly and take the time to discover their destination to live like the locals.

The LGBT community is perceived differently throughout the world: Auston and David make a point of providing useful tips based on their experience.

In addition to a funny account of their adventures, expect some money-saving hacks as well!

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The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler
Screenshot from

Dedicated to helping budget-minded travelers in their quest, Yoshke and Vins also provide tips to travel even without a lot of money. Plus, they give their readers an inside look at their misadventures to help you avoid them.

But as they say, they are "casual travelers", not "hardcore backpackers": that's what makes their stories so easy to identify with and their blog unique.

Plus, they have detailed guides for a good many countries around the world that are a great alternative to the traditional Lonely Planet.

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Screenshot from

For backpacking, however, Mike Richard has some great tips in store. The lists and how-to posts provide comprehensive information helping you become a savvy traveler.

The photography of the blog is just as good as the quality of the tips! Don't miss out on the "photography" section to start capturing your travels like a pro.

Vagabondish is also a great way to stay aware of what goes on in the travel world with its offbeat news.

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Best Travel News Blogs

View From The Wing

View From The Wing
Screenshot from

Gary Leff is the man behind View From the Wing, an essential resource to keep up with all travel-related news.

He is one of those frequent flyers that know everything there is to know about points and shares his knowledge to help you save money on your next flight.

The blog also covers airline-specific news: keep an eye on your favorite air carrier to know how they're doing!

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Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet
Screenshot from

That’s the man I have to thank for letting me discover Scott’s Cheap Flights, and that alone is worth a lot. He simply is the go-to guy for flight deals.

You can also count on travel news coverage ranging from ephemeral credit card deals to updates on weather forecasts endangering travel in some regions.

The best thing you can do is subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest travel deals and tips!

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One Mile at a Time

One Mile at a Time
Screenshot from

Going by "Lucky", Ben Schlappig is THE expert at using miles and credit card points to upgrade his trips. Flying over 400.000 miles per year does make you aware of the best tricks, I suppose.

He knows a lot (euphemism...) about the travel industry and shares the most burning news and tips to his readers. One Mile at a Time is hands down one of the best travel news blogs.

And you know how you hate waiting for your flight at the airport? Well, Lucky loves that. Seriously, he loves airports! He's sure to have some advice on how to make your flight experience better.

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The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner
Screenshot from

Writers from all the world contribute to the blog founded by Matt Stabile, to both share their tips and spread the news about a wide range of destinations.

While a lot of travel news blogs focus on airlines, cash reward or frequent flyer programs, The Expeditioner provides information on countries and places across the globe.

Feel free to dive into the stories of the contributors to fuel your wanderlust!

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Best Travel Blogs for Wanderlust

Roads and Kingdoms

Roads and Kingdoms
Screenshot from

The award-winning storytelling of the independent journal is nothing if not captivating. While the topics covered (travel, cultures, politics and more) may seem ordinary, the subject of each post is more often than not very unusual.

To give you a quick glimpse at what this top travel blog is about, here are two of the articles featured on the blog at the moment when I'm writing: "Can Mexican corn be saved?" and "Underground with South Korea's illegal tattoo artists". Not quite the usual stuff, right?

And if that's not enough, the photography of the website will make you want to pack and go right away.

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Boarders and Adventures

Boarders and Adventures
Screenshot from

A British Travel Press award winner, Becki thrives to change people's perceptions of misunderstood destinations and entire countries.

She has a knack for inspiring people to travel more responsibly and educate them in regards to the social, historical and cultural background of her destinations.

Borders of adventures is the perfect inspiration for traveling differently (and better).

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Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only
Screenshot from

Yaya and Lloyd form the funny duo behind Hand Luggage Only. The blog's pictures are breath-taking. And I'm not talking only about those illustrating each blog post: check out their Photo Diary!

In addition to your appetite for travel, they seek to wake up (or fuel) your appetite for food. You might surprise yourself and book a flight to try out some delicious meals you have seen there!

And if you're just looking for something to do wherever your destination may be, there's a good chance that they've got you covered.

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Two Monkeys Travel

Two Monkeys Travel
Screenshot from

The young couple recently married has traveled to over 70 countries together. Their atypical lifestyle mixing luxury and adventure is an amazing inspiration for whoever wants to experience the joys of an adrenaline rush and the comfort of a hotel.

Kach also has some great tips for everything related to visa, thanks to her first-hand experience traveling the world on a Philippines passport.

If you're also considering becoming a volunteer abroad, they have some great insights to share. They use to volunteer as well, as a massage therapist and a yoga teacher.

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The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad
Screenshot from

Kiersten's blog is a formidable source of inspiration for solo female travelers. She has guides and advice to encourage women to travel more.

With over 50 countries behind her, she accumulated a vast knowledge of the world and helps women follow in her footsteps.

The woman who used to work in Corporate Finance and is now a recognized travel writer shares her tips on travel but also fashion and photography on her lifestyle blog.

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Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond
Screenshot from

Another Matt! The travel photographer is an adventurer with always has great tips to share.

Determined to inspire people to go out of their homes and travel the world for themselves, he shares an always-entertaining account of his adventures, illustrated by beautiful pictures.

Although the Expert Vagabond is now settling down, he still plans on traveling 6 months a year and sharing his tricks to show the world that travel doesn't have to be expensive and that you should seek more adventures.

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Jungles in Paris

Jungles in Paris
Screenshot from

In the line of responsible travel, Jungles in Paris covers topics that are subject to extinction, or at least endangered, and illustrates them with an immersive photography.

Whether it's culture, destination or even wildlife, they emphasize the roots of their topics and seek to educate travelers about the origins of a belief or the story behind rituals now rarely practiced or heard of.

The stories are told in such a way that it feels like traveling from your couch. To the point that the New York Times described the blog as an "artistic armchair travel platform".

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Why Wait to See the World

Why Wait to See the World
Screenshot from

That's a question Megan and Stephanie know the answer of: now is the time!

And they're intent on proving it. They mainly address Millenials and young souls in need of motivation to start their journey, providing them with the means to do it.

The experienced travelers share precious information on the various travel styles, including the popular (and misconstrued) "digital nomad" lifestyle. The magazine is a formidable resource for young travelers in the making!

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Y Travel

Y Travel
Screenshot from

If you thought that having kids was the end of your travel plans, think again. Caz and Craig are the proof that you can explore the world with your children.

Better than that, they're living by the motto "accumulate memories, no things" and are always on an adventure, as a family.

No matter who you are, they are determined to inspire you to travel as well and make memories of your own.

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The Planet D

The Planet D
Screenshot from

Still believe that adventure isn't for everyone, that you're not made for this? Read what Dave and Deb have to say about it.

As they put it, "you don't have to be an uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie or part of the ultra rich to be an adventurer. All you need is the desire".

They are the perect example that it's never too late to start traveling: they both started a career first and discovered their passion for travel later on only. Now, they have inspired tons of people to chase their dreams - and you could be the next one!

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Best Solo Female Travel Blogs

Solo travel is an extraordinary adventure that changes those who undertake it. The majority of them are men, because unfortunately, in the world we live in today, it's not as easy to be a woman.

But we know you will find these extraordinary women inspiring and hope that they will convince you to go on a solitary adventure of your own one day!

Dani, from Globetrotter Girls


Dani and Jessica began their journey back in 2010 and spent the next four years travelling the globe as a couple. In 2014, they each took a different path and since then, Dani has become the ultimate solo female traveller - even though she's not always alone. She combines months of rapid travel to various destinations with longer periods where she picks a place and spends some time living like a local thanks to housesitting. We like Dani’s blog because she’s genuinely curious about the world and has a lot to share.

"Even though I don’t travel solo all the time, I love my solo travel adventures and try to take at least one trip a year all by myself. It gives me the chance to reconnect with myself and to reflect on things that are happening in my life. When I travel with my partner or a friend, I usually don’t have the time to focus on myself because we are doing everything together. When I am by myself though, I have more time to journal, to let my mind wander during solo dinners, and I can also be as selfish as I want, because I don’t have to consider anybody else’s desires and requests other than my own."

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Simon, from Wild About Travel


In her 20 year career travelling solo, Simon can sure teach us a thing or two. After spending over a decade in the corporate world, she eventually got fed up and decided to give way to her true passion for travel. Born in Italy and growing up in Switzerland has sure had an impact on her love of nature and the outdoors. So if you’re looking for an expert in lesser-known destinations, wild and isolated places, then be sure to check Simon’s blog.

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Aleah, from Solitary Wanderer


The name gives it away! Aleah is a digital nomad who travels the world and works as a writer and an editor. She wrote a great piece on dating a girl who travels. When we asked her why she travels alone, she told us:

“I travel solo by choice not only because it gives me the freedom I need and want -- the freedom to decide when, where, and how to move -- but also because it constantly tests my abilities to deal with the challenges of being on the road by yourself. I have learned so much about myself and about others from my solo travel that I don't see any need to change my travel habits soon. Solo travel is not for everybody, but it is definitely perfect for me.”

If you’re planning your first solo trip, then the Solitary Wanderer is probably one of the best places to start. Aleah has covered a lot of the important stuff when you’re travelling alone, from destinations for solo travellers, to visa guides and travel gear.

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Leyla, from Women on the Road


When Leyla decided to open a new chapter in her life and spend more than just a few days on the road, she couldn’t find anything on the topic of solo female travel. Keep in mind that this was before the internet brought the world’s information at your fingertips. After spending three years on the road, Leyla came back with a lot of experience on how to travel smart, safe and solo as a female.

“Every woman, whatever her age, should travel solo at least once in her lifetime if she can. Being on your own pushes your boundaries, teaches you to adapt, makes you less fearful and more confident, and opens you up to the world. You'll likely come back a better, stronger version of yourself.”

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Kristin, from Be my Travel Muse


Not sure if we can be Kristin’s travel muse or it’s the other way around. What’s so interesting about her is that she can show you how to ditch all the touristy stuff and immerse yourself in the local culture and have a truly unique experience. The native Southern Californian has dedicated her life to solo traveling the world. Her award-winning blog and travel brand, helps women to travel the world in a more adventurous, genuine way through her extensive tips and guides. More? She is also a published author of 2 books and the creator of women’s adventure tours around the world.

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Sabrina, from Just One Way Ticket


We just love Sabrina! Her witty and brutally honest style of writing will make you smile. Or cringe. Or both. Either way, Sab has been on the road more or less since 2008, when she quit her job and travelled for 433 days straight, before coming back to Germany and realizing that homeless is what she really wanted to be, so she hit the road once more and this time for good. Her blog is rich in reviews and destination tips, along with some pretty useful advice on finding flights, where to stay for cheap, how to get work, and much more.

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Oneika, from Oneika the Traveller


Oneika is not only a travel junky, but one on a pretty big mission! In her own words, she’s dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women and people of color to see the world. Aside from providing a truly needed perspective in travel blogging and media, Oneika has a lot to offer for any traveler, including tips for travelling as a black person, how to have a love life while on the road, as well as what Spanish sounds like in Guatemala and in Chile.

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Veronika, from Veronika’s Adventure


A Czech Republic native, Veronika has been adventuring around the world as a solo female traveller for the last couple of years. In 2014 she visited 15 different countries and documented her experiences in almost a step-by-step way. Whether you want to visit Sri Lanka in 7 days or less or soak up in a thermal bath near the river Elbe, Veronika will guide you through.

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Alice, from Teacake Travels


Now, whether you consider yourself a “kickass chick” or not, that is genuinely one fun blog to read! Alice Teacake has been travelling around the globe for the past 8 years and what I truly like about her blog is that it reads like the notes of an 8 year challenge to one’s self. After all, travel isn’t about simply switching destinations rapidly and posting lots of photos on Instagram. It’s a journey of self discovery, and Alice has a lot to share. You’ll find tips on what to do before your trip, where to go, how to earn money if you were planning on sticking around for a bit longer, where and what to buy… in other words, it’s a gem for the solo traveller!

“I believe in travelling solo to face your fears, push your boundaries and reach your full potential. Empower yourself and you will be able to then empower others.”

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Soumya from Travel, Books, And Food


Soumya didn’t exactly quit her corporate job for travel blogging, like you’d expect. Instead, she combines the flexibility of being an entrepreneur with frequent travels, and she documents for our greatest pleasure. Having a “weak Indian passport”, Soumya is a pretty good source on how to get visas for most of the world’s destinations and her blog is the perfect source for an Indian solo traveller. Although she was born in India, Soumya grew up in Tanzania. What's more? She's a vegetarian, and that doesn't stop her from tarvelling: she has plenty of tips and recommendations on the topic.

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Steph from The Pink Backpack


The "modern-day hybrid of Bridget Jones and Indiana Jones" is the queen of misadventures - and we love her for it! Just to give you a few examples, the 30 year old PhD student was attacked by a chimpanzee in Tanzania, got food poisoning up in a mountain in Colombia, and narcosis while diving 120 ft deep in Belize. That kind of misadventures. But that won't stop Stephanie! While she ran into some troubles as a solo female travellers, she's in love with the freedom brought by travelling alone. The empowered woman has tons of brilliant experiences to share with aspiring travellers.

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Gloria from The Blog Abroad


Gloria never wanted to travel in the first place. Now, she's a full-time nomad. Funny how life works, isn't it? The Black American solo female traveller has a lot to share: she's been in over 70 countries across 6 continents (and strongly believe that counting these countries doesn't make you a d**k). We love her take on travelling as a Black person and the fact that she is an optimist at heart. Fun read guaranteed!

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Claire from Claire's Itchy Feet


Claire's feet didn't start itching until she turned 34 - but since then, she hasn't looked back. She embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, selling (almost) everything she owned. Now, she's a successful "digital nomad" - she works online, making money while travelling. And she wants to help other women do exactly what she does. The badass woman climbed volcanoes, throught she was going to die during an earthquake in Guatemala, and was stung by a scorpion. Several times. "Adventure" is Claire's middle name.

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Anna from Postcards from the World


For the Polish woman, the world is too interesting to stay in one place. Studying or working is not an excuse not to travel: she's been doing it for a while! A summer spent looking after sea turtles in Tobago, where she stayed and blended with the locals, fueled her wanderlust. Mindfulness is a major part of her life and has made a travel experience much richer - so much that she's hustling to share her way of life with others. For example, it's about making yourself aware of the story behind everything: noticing the little things, looking deeper. It changes the way you experience your trip.

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Joanna from Lose the Map


Joanna isn't just a solo female traveller, she's also an actress, writer, and a great photographer. But when she does travel, her mantra is clear: get into the local life and culture. Her blog is a gold mine of beautiful stories, written and visual. She's been in close to 40 countries and has much to share, no matter your travel style. If anything, take a moment to check out her travel photography skills!

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Kassie from The Fly Away Life


The New Englander is only getting started - if you call over 20 countries only a start! She's determined to keep going and to inspire other women to do it to. But she doesn't stop there: she believes that women should be inspired to travel when they are little girls. Kassie is definitely a young solo female traveller to follow.

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Amalia from Little Foot Adventures


Originally from Portugal, Amalia lives in Copenhagen, Denmark - for now. She's not restricted to a single travel style, sometimes leaving with only her backpack, sometimes staying at luxurious resorts. In five years, she's been in over 40 countries, especially in Europe, South America, and Africa, and has plenty of useful tips for these destinations.

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The Best Digital Nomad Blogs

Sam & Zab, from Indefinite Adventure


Two one-way tickets to Buenos Aires was all it took for the British couple to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Requiring only a laptop to work and with the world as their office, Sam and Zab became experts at digital nomadism... and with their detailed guides on the topic, you could become one too!

The gay couple is vegan and also has some great tips to share to eat abroad on this diet. For them, just because a destination is infamous for its meat doesn't mean that you shouldn't travel there.

Don't miss out on on their "reflection" section for a glimpse at their colorful personalities: you will love them as much as we do!

"Being a digital nomad sounds great when you're stuck in an office job and are tired of having exactly the same routine day in and out. At first, breaking away from that routine when you go nomadic can be extremely freeing and indeed, it's a big part of the motivation for many people to make the shift. But don't knock routine too much! Establishing small things that can form part of your daily work routine as a digital nomad are key to the long-term success of maintaining that lifestyle in my opinion. Having a ritual for what time of day you start your work, what order you do certain tasks in, limiting yourself to not working from bed but only a desk, making commitments to do your work before you go explore your new destination even if no one else is specifically waiting for you to finish a certain task can all be good ideas to play with when forming a routine from working on the road. But above all, be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up if you make mistakes!"
Sam & Zab

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Barbara, from Barbaralicious


As opposed to many who chose to ditch their corporate life to become nomad, Barbara has never been employed in the first place: the digital nomad life chose her, right from the start. And she's got some great tips so that you can make it work for you too.

Starting with the importance of being part of a community. Don't fool yourself: digital nomadism has its own challenges and visiting the nomad hotspots is a great way to face them. A community of like-minded people will help you create a productive working environment and inspire you to keep going!

"Being a digital nomad for me means ultimate freedom. The freedom to choose where I want to wake up the next morning. The freedom to work on the projects I like. The freedom to be where I’m happy."

Check out her blog for detailed guides on the best cities to live for digital nomads - and if you want to get inspired, read her ebook "My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True"!

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Pete, from Bucketlistly


We just love Pete's blog - and that's not only because of his 6 years of experience as a digital nomad. Bucketlisty stands out because Pete is doing more than writing: he's an accomplished travel filmmaker and photographer. And with over 60 countries visited, he has seen enough to create some of the most stunning travel videos out there.

Have you ever considered wandering the globe and living off your photography and/or filmmaking skills? Maybe you should give this idea some serious thought: that's what Pete does. And his blog is packed with tips to help you do just that: from the right equipment to technical skill, you'll find what you need to become a digital nomad photographer and filmmaker.

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Monica, from Not a Nomad


The term "digital nomad" is somewhat misleading. For some, "semi-nomad" would be more accurate. But "digital semi-nomad" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? Yet, it's closer to what Monica is.

The American expat lives in Berlin and travels the world part-time. After all, living off a backpack can get tiring in the long run. But there are still simple ways to combine work and travel without being always on the road! For starters, you could do what Monica did and move your career abroad. Her blog is packed with advice on how to make that life change (and why it's a good thing).

Like she says: "you don’t have to choose between a stable job and traveling the world!"

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Milou, from Explorista


Milou is nothing short of the founder of the largest female digital nomad movement in the world: Female Digital Nomads. And she's pretty good with a camera too! Her goal? Help women build location independent lives. What does being a digital nomad mean for her?

“I think being a digital nomad is the ultimate form of being in control of your own life. The ultimate freedom. You get to decide what you want to do, when you want to do it, and where you want to do it. It’s the best way to really get to know yourself and get to know what you’re made of.”

The young entrepreneur has plenty of both travel and business advice on her blog. By the way, Milou is from the Netherlands: if you're speaking Dutch, you might want to check instead.

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Travel bloggers make money from their blog by joining affiliate programs. Did you know that the ClaimCompass Affiliate Program is among the best alternatives to the affiliate program of

Niall, from


With cheap flight tickets easily available, travelling isn't so hard. But few can say that they have been travelling for 44 months without taking the plane. Niall is one of them.

He left his job 7 years ago and has a lot of precious advice to share. When he is not writing books or building website, the successful digital nomad helps others set up their own source of online income.

If you want to get just a taste of it, his free video crash course is the perfect place to start!

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Will, from The Broke Backpacker


The broke backpacker has come a long way an is now a successful online entrepreneur. His blog is a great place for recommendations on how to make money online as well budget travel: Will built a course entirely dedicated to teach aspiring explorers how to travel the world on $10 a day.

As a traveller, Will likes to live on adrenaline: count him in for any adventure that gets the blood racing. He will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, no doubts there!

But, and you might find this even more exciting if you're serious about becoming a digital nomad, the Broke Backpacker created a brand new website to help you Ditch Your Desk!

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Jessie, from Jessie on a Journey


Jessie isn't just a digital nomad - she seeks to empower women who want to travel solo around the world and is an inspiration for them. It doesn't matter whether you have a full-time job or have more flexibility, Jessie will show you the way: her blog is a goldmine for anyone who wants to travel more.

She built several travel courses with one purpose in mind: giving you the means the become a digital nomad yourself. There are several career opportunities that let you travel the world, but if like Jessie, you want to become a travel blogger, you will find her courses on growing and building a blog particularly useful.

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Aileen, from I am Aileen


The successful digital nomad was only 21 when she left her corporate job in the Philippines. Now, not only does she run a widely-read travel blog, she's also a business owner, and boasts over 20,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She has already visited the 7 continents and plans on visiting every country in the world - but she is in no rush to do so, savoring every minute spent travelling. And when she's done? She will use all she has learned during her trips to create a non-profit organization tackling major world issues. Nothing less!

If you're interested in working remotely, check out her blog: Aileen will help you make her lifestyle your own.

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Marcello, from Wandering Trader


Marcello has been in over 110 countries since 2009, across 5 continents, and considers himself to be "the luckiest person in the world". Why?

Because he enjoys what he calls "complete freedom". He can work anywhere he wants and doesn't need to worry about money. His experience with financial markets allows him to train day traders, generating enough income to sustain his lifestyle. That, and the companies he runs from across the globe.

Trading isn't without risk, but if you want to become one and travel the world while doing it, Marcello is your guy!

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Amy, from Globetrotter Guru


Most digital nomads first went through a life-changing experience before making the decision to adopt this different lifestyle. In that regard, Amy is no different: after one of the best train rides in the world (taking the trans-siberian from Moscow to Beijing) she volunteered with genocide survivors in Rwanda. Hard to get back to the "normal" life after that.

So Amy set up her own business and has been traveling the world ever since. She offers tips on how to become a digital nomad too - with multiple options. Freelancing, teaching online, blogging, and some more. Choose your path!

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Nina, from Where in the World is Nina


How good does the idea of working on all continents sound? For Nina, it's more than just a dream: it's a life mission. The native from Florida is so determined that she was working three jobs for two years to save enough money.

The young woman has become expert at working abroad - she's been at it since 2011! We love her travel style: rather than rushing through every country, she settles in one place for several months in a row and uses that place as a base to visits the neighboring country. Trust me, she knows the way. And the nomadic expat blogs about how you can do it too, so check out her blog!

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Tal, from Bright Nomad


Tal has been on the road since 2009 - 40 countries later, she's an experienced traveller with plenty to share. Aspiring digital nomads will find complete guides, advice, as well s a portal to multiple websites offering jobs that suit digital nomads.

From finding coworking spaces and cafes around the world to productivity tips when working remotely, Tal knows her stuff. You can be sure that you will find the answers to your questions on Bright Nomad.

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So, these travel blogs convinced you to start traveling more?

Whether it's for a weekend, a week, a month or a year, traveling is probably one of the best decisions that you can make.

With the advice and experience from these seasoned travel bloggers, all the tips and hacks are only a few clicks away. It's now up to you to book your flight ticket and go on an adventure!

And don't forget that if your flight is delayed, canceled or overbooked, you can get up to 600€ in compensation!