Airbnb Tips for Hosts and Guests: From First-Timer to Expert [2022 update]

With this complete guide of the best Airbnb tips for hosts and guests, learn how to make the most of Airbnb to earn money or travel safely!


You're planning on traveling and haven't decided on a place to stay yet?

Or you have a spare room that you finally want to put to use?

In either case, these Airbnb tips will help you make the most of the rentals website to achieve your goals, as a host or a guest.

Airbnb is one of the best ways to find accommodation when traveling, just like ClaimCompass is the best way to get flight compensation.

If it's your first-time using Airbnb, fear not! Those Airbnb tips will make you an expert in no time. This complete guide will help you find the perfect Airbnb listing as a guest and become the best host to stand out of the competition.

Ready? Read on then!

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a platform that enables people to find short to longer-term accommodation. As part of the hospitality network, it doesn't own any of the lodgings displayed on their website or app. It rather acts as a digital marketplace where people looking for a place to stay (guests) can rent an accommodation from an owner (host).

airbnb about us

Airbnb boasts over 3,000,000 listings worldwide. But not all of them are "classic" rooms in a flat or a house. Properties listed on Airbnb include castles and even treehouses!

Airbnb experience

That's also because Airbnb has moved from being a marketplace for "bed and breakfast" to a supplier of "experiences" and "adventures". In addition to (or instead of) lodging, you can now book an activity with a local. Surfing in Australia, hiking in Hollywood or learning how to cook a real paella: you're sure to find something you'll like!

Right now, Airbnb lets you win a free stay to watch the solar eclipse of August!

How Airbnb works

Anyone can become a host or a guest: Airbnb makes a point of accepting anyone and promote tolerance.

*We accept | Airbnb*

For guests

Search for the type of accommodation that best suits you for your trip, select the dates and place your Airbnb booking. You'll receive a message when the host confirms your stay.

Pro Airbnb Tip: If you don't want to wait for a reply, filter by "Instant booking". You can then book your lodging without having to wait for a reply! You just need to get in touch with the host to discuss the check-in.

*How Airbnb designs for trust | Joe Gebbia*

Read below for tips on how to find the perfect Airbnb listing and be a perfect guest!

For hosts

You can apply to become a host by renting your entire home, a private room or a shared room.

Select the number of guests you can host, the dates, set up the description of your lodging, take some great pictures of it and you're all set!

Once your place is online, people can ask you to book it. You take care of the check-in and check-out, and much more if you want to become a Superhost!

Scroll down to learn more on how to become the best host in town!

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Airbnb Tips for Guests

Those airbnb tips for guests will help ou make the most of the experience while being a great traveller guest.

(If you don't know yet what kind of traveler you are, the Airbnb Trip Matcher will suggest recommendations on what you could be interested in.)

If you're decided and you want to book your first listing, use this Airbnb coupon and get a 35€ voucher!

Before leaving: things to consider before becoming an Airbnb Guest

You're going to stay at a stranger's, not at a hotel. Don't expect the same level of service. People will welcome you into their homes, which they will sometimes leave entirely to you. Start by saying hello to your host when you write to them and meet them in person.

While I admit not being very careful or clean when I stay at a hotel, I'm very respectful when I go for an Airbnb. Imagine if you hosted a friend and they left the place completely trashed: it's the same when you're renting a listing on Airbnb.

It's also not a hotel because you get to be directly in touch with a local. Make the most of that! Airbnb hosts love to share their experiences and recommend their favorite places to airbnb guests. It's a great opportunity to visit a city with first-hand insights!

How to find the perfect Airbnb listing?

secluded intown treehouse
Secluded Intown Treehouse: Airbnb's most requested listing

With so many lodgings available on the website, it's easy to get lost and make a wrong decision. Follow these tips for guest and make sure you find the perfect Airbnb listing.

1. Make a specific search

It's the first and perhaps the most critical step to both save you time down the line and ensure you'll be happy with your Airbnb booking.

Start by selecting your destination, when you want to check-in and out and the number of guests.

airbnb results no filter

You should get a lot of results, and might already be attracted by some of the pictures, but don't stop just now!

Filter by room type (entire home, private room or shared room), set your budget, and select "instant book" if you don't want to wait for the host's approval. You should have fewer results available, but the remaining ones all match your criteria.

And it's not over yet! Click on "more filters" and get even more detailed: the number of rooms, and beds, amenities available (from TV to fireplace or iron, you name it!), house rules (pets accepted, smokers allowed), neighborhood, host language... After that, you're sure to be presented only with exactly what you're looking for.

2. Look at the pictures

Photos are the best way for you to get the mood of a place. The best Airbnb hosts make sure that the pictures of their listing are attractive and representative of what their rental is really like.

Browse through the pictures of the results you find most attractive and build a shortlist with your top picks, before moving to the next step.

3. Verify your potential host's Airbnb profile

We're now stepping into a new phase: ensuring that not only the listing but also the host is good. Many airbnb guest who give a bad rating are actually unsatisfied about their airbnb host more than the lodging itself.

The first thing to do is check if they have a profile picture and their account is verified. If they connected their social media accounts, good, but it's not a big deal if they didn't.

Look for hosts who have at least 4 stars and a decent number of reviews. I actually book mostly with Superhosts (more on that below).

You can also mae a search by host on Airbnb and check if a host that you liked has other properties. This is a really handy airbnb tip if you're planning on coming back to a city several times but want to stay at different places.

4. Read Reviews. Carefully.

"Are Airbnb reviews real?" is a recurring question that I've been asked, so here's a note on reviews.

Only guests who had a verified stay at an Airbnb can leave a review, within 14 days after their stay. Some claim that because they are not anonymous, reviews are biased because you don’t want to leave bad reviews for fear that you will get one yourself and be branded a "difficult guest".

But Airbnb has that particularity that guests and hosts rate each other, but each can see the review of the other only when both have submitted them. That's why people are free to be completely honest in their reviews without fear payback by the host in the form of a bad review.

I found that reviews are usually very accurate and representative of the experience I had when I booked a place for myself. Read the reviews of a host extra-carefully and be on the lookout for alarming signs.

5. Research the location

night camera lens map

Airbnb displays a map showing the approximate location of the listing within a few blocks, but not the exact address. My advice? If the neighborhood matters, do a bit of research to check the transportation system and how long it would take you to go to the points of interest.

Don’t be fooled by the “close to city center”, because it seems to be all very relative. It can easily be as far as a 30 minutes walk: I learned that the hard way...

6. Mind the cancellation policy

Six different cancellation policies are available for hosts to choose, from flexible to super strict. You can check out the details for each policy to know what you can do.

airbnb cancellation policy

Take the time to check what the host's cancellation policy is set to: your plans could change and you don't want to have bad surprises.

7. Contacting the host: not necessarily

That's an easy Airbnb tip to avoid misinterpretation of the accommodation's description. Some travelers recommend contacting the host prior to the booking, to let them know about your plans or ask a few questions.

I found out that it's not super useful. My tip is to add a note when you place the booking: tell the host about your plans and maybe your expectations at this moment. This way, you don't have to wait for the host to reply back that they'll be happy to welcome you and then place your booking.

Pro tip: The best Airbnb hosts reply within 24h, even less. If you don't get a reply 48h after your booking, consider searching another listing.

8. Pay and talk on Airbnb

Make sure that you use Airbnb's messaging system to chat with the host. It might be tempting and more convenient to ask for each other's number, but communicating via the platform ensures that you'll be protected against fraud and security issues.

The same goes for the payment. I know that paying extra fees to Airbnb can be a downer, but once again, this secure payment ensures that the transaction won't result in any problem. Never agree if a host offers you a discount if you pay in cash. Ever.

Pro tip: When you're on the go, the Airbnb app lets you communicate with your host and book your accommodation at any moment!

How to be a great Airbnb guest?

Now that you know how to find the perfect listing, you might want to make sure you'll be a good guest! After all, don't forget that the rating system goes both ways: you will also be reviewed by your host.

If you're joining Airbnb use this Airbnb coupon and get a 35€ voucher!

1. Don't ask useless questions

It might be harsh said like that, but rental owners who took the time to fill out their listing's description thoroughly will be very upset when you ask them if dogs are allowed or if they have a washing-machine if the answer is already written on the page.

The same goes with questions like: "Is your place available on these dates?" Each host fills a calendar of available dates, so just look at it instead of wasting your time and the host's. Don’t message them with questions that are already answered.

2. Reply quickly

You're looking for a cheap place to stay, want to shop around and place several bookings: fair enough. But don't let an Airbnb host hanging for your reply once they've agreed on your stay.

Even if you're waiting for the confirmation for a cheaper lodging, don't reply more than 24h later, it's just not nice. Expect hosts to reply quickly and set the same standard for yourself.

3. Price negotiation: don't push it

Contrarily to what many think, the rates on Airbnb can be changed since they are set by the host. If you'd like to ask for a discount, then do send a message before placing your booking.

But don't go for something like "hey, how about a 20% discount?", it just won't fly. You need a good reason to ask for a discount, and you need to ask it nicely. In most cases, don't expect the host to agree. It doesn't mean that they're mean or anything: they are used to renting for this price, and especially when they have a lot of good reviews, they might think that their price is fair.

Airbnb guests rarely negotiate prices and those who do are even more rarely successful, due to te high popularity of the platform.

4. Be punctual

As I mentioned above, an Airbnb rental isn't a hotel and your host is unlikely to be as flexible on the arrival hours. They probably have other stuff to do, so make sure you get there at the agreed upon time.

If your plans change, let them know as soon as possible so they can adapt. They might even help you find another solution to get there. Just don't leave them waiting for you for nothing.

5. Behave and be respectful

You're going to be rated as well, so it's in your own interest not to act as a jerk. Keep in mind that you're a stranger for your host just as much as they are to you, and yet they open their door to you! The least you can do is show your appreciation by behaving as you would at your home. Actually, better than that.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't bring guests without asking first or throw a party in your host's absence.

6. Do what's expected of you

They might have set guest guidelines or Airbnb rules, so make sure you respect them. By booking the listing, you agreed on respecting these rules. It goes from where to leave the keys when you leave, to washing the dishes you used or leaving the bed done.

It might seem annoying, but again, you're staying at someone else's home. I'm sure you would do the same at a friend's.

7. Don't mistake an Airbnb owner for a hotel manager

That's perhaps the most important Airbnb tip for guests. Don't expect the same level of services as you would for a hotel. It might not be as clean as a hotel (although I never had bad surprises on this side), but remember that someone lives here on a daily basis.

You won't get a maid to wash and iron your clothes if it's not specified in the listing's description. Prepare for what the host detailed on the website, and only that. This way, you'll enjoy it more if you get something that wasn't mentioned!

8. Don't tip

I've also been asked: "Are you supposed to tip your Airbnb host"? I never do, not (just) because I'm cheap, but because I don't think it's expected, as it could be in a hotel.

Instead, if you want to show your appreciation, offer a small gift! It's always nicer than just money. But then again, a gift isn't expected either, so don't feel compelled to get something more for your host.

9. Be honest

Tell the host when something is wrong. There is nothing worse for them than a guest who pretends everything is okay and then complain in the post-stay review. Many people who listed a room or home on Airbnb rely on it for revenue. It's even the only revenue of some of them. Since reviews matter a lot when it comes to choosing an Airbnb, you might cause them a lot of harm by doing this.

Instead, be honest and tell them if something doesn't watch what they wrote on their listing's description. I'm sure they'll do their best to change that.

However, do mention it in the review if your concern hasn’t been dealt with as you feel it should. It's important for future hosts.

How to deal with the unexpected?

In most cases, everything will be fine and you will love your Airbnb experience. But there is always a chance that things will go wrong. Here are my Airbnb guest tips to face the unexpected.

image caption

What to do when Airbnb host cancels?

Airbnb is very understanding of issues like these. It happened to me in Zanzibar on New Year's Eve. My friends and I just arrived with our suitcases (what a mistake...), found the address and called the host. He told me he couldn't host us. Bummer...

When this happens, you have two options:

  • Ask for a full refund: click on "request a refund" in the "My Trip" section.
  • Transfer your payment to a new Airbnb reservation: what you paid for your canceled booking will be automatically transferred to the new one.

I actually even got an Airbnb coupon for my trouble, in addition to my refund!

By the way, it also works also with your plane: if your flight is canceled, get a compensation!

How to avoid bad experiences?

A good way to stay away from trouble, or at least limit the risk of them happening, is to filter your search by "Superhost". They got this status partly because they never cancel a booking, except in the case of absolute necessity of course.

My second Airbnb tip to avoid bad experiences is to never book Airbnb flats where all rooms are for rent: I always had better experiences when sharing the place with the host.

Follow all these Airbnb tips for guests and you should be just fine in your perfect lodging with a great host. All that is left to do is actually enjoying your stay!

Airbnb Tips for Hosts

You want to make good use of that unoccupied bedroom? Or you're ready to share your whole home? You can make some good money for that!

But one doesn't become a great host overnight. Only after reading these Airbnb tips and tricks for hosts!

Before hosting: Things to consider

Becoming a host is no light decision, so make sure you've thought it through before going all in with this decision!

1. Measure the rental arbitrage

The first question you want to ask yourself is: "Will it bring more money than it will cost?". If you want to be a good host and attract travelers, you'll have to make some investments.

But more than just the money, it will take you time as well, to communicate with the guests online, welcoming them, maybe answering their questions. That's why the first Airbnb tip I can give potential hosts is to make sure that the experience will be worth their while.

2. Set your goals and expectations

What are you considering hosting on Airbnb for? Earn an occasional income once in a while? Building a reliable and consistent revenue stream? Or do you see it as income replacement?

Depending on your goals, your Airbnb experience will not be the same. Define clearly what you're in this for.

3. How trustful are you?

Remember that Airbnb hosting means welcoming strangers in your home. Are you comfortable with that? A lot of people do it but it'd be a lie to say that it's for everyone.

If you're not naturally open-minded and sociable, reconsider the decision to host on Airbnb. Living under the same roof as someone you don't know much about can be stressful.

A good Airbnb tip for host is to first host someone that's relatively close to you and try the experience with them. Obviously, you will trust your friends, so try to host someone less clos to you ad see how you feel about leaving your accommodation in their hands. If you were ok with that, give Airbnb for hosts a try!

I love the story told by Airbnb's co-founder Joe Gebbia, explaining that the first time a stranger slept at his place, he was scared that this guy was a crazy person that would murder him in his sleep. Do watch the Ted Talk on the top of the page if you're scared about that!

4. Who do you want to attract?

Your listing positioning will depend on the type of travelers you're hoping to attract. People on a business trip won't have the same expectations as road trippers.

What's special about your place? Why would this category of workers book your listing?

5. How is your relation with your landlord?

One of the most useful Airbnb tips for hosts is to make sure that the owner of the place is ok to let you make the place an Airbnb listing.

If you're not the owner of your place, you might want to get in touch with your landlord to let them know of your plans. You can always do it without consulting them, but they might not appreciate it. Good relations with your landlord are essential, especially if something happens while you're hosting.

Know that Airbnb provides insurance up to $1,000,000 but not everything is covered by it.

6. What about your neighbors?

Your neighbors would in some way be more affected by your decision to become an Airbnb host than your landlord, especially if you're planning on making a small business out of it. There will be many guests coming and going, which can upset some delicate neighbors. Are they going to be okay with it?

7. Are you ready for a life change?

One way or another, becoming a host will impact your life. It will require some time from you, you will meet new people, maybe make new friends, decide to make a lot of money out of it and fully commit to the task.

Still there? Still want to list your property? Awesome, then read on for the best Airbnb tips and tricks for hosts!

How to become the best host?

Competition is becoming fierce, between Airbnb hosts but also with hotels, hostels, Couchsurfing, and others. Here's how to stand out.

image source

1. Provide a detailed description of your listing and Airbnb profile

The title and description of your property are essential to attract guests and rank high in Airbnb's search results.

However, never lie if you don't want it to backfire. Be honest and manage your future guest's expectations. He will resent you for overselling your home and it will only result in a negative review for you. You don't want that.

Take the time to fill out your house rules, home safety card, and house manual very thoroughly. It helps guest know what you expect from them and they can expect of their stay. Include details on what you’d like people to know (smoking, off-limit areas, wifi…) as well as emergency contacts.

The more information you provide, the more likely you are to find guests that you actually are pleased to host.

2. Improve your amenities

Another Airbnb advice to make your listing stand out is to expand the list of amenities you provide. Some hosts in city centers go as far renting a parking spot for their guests to get one for free. Providing internet access is a must for most listings, except maybe those resolutely positioned as an escape from the daily life.

Keep in mind that providing more amenities may also justify an increase of your listing's price. We'll get on the price question a bit later.

3. Get great photos

Determining factor of decision. “Post 10 great photos that really highlight the amenities, character, location, and appeal of your place and leave them wanting more.” “Prepare a wine and cheese plate for that outdoor space, creatively fold towels in the bathroom, ensure an immaculately made bed, and add a photo or two of your biggest local attraction”

You might even want to hire a professional Airbnb photographer to take pictures of your place.

4. Do a quick check-up of your potential guest

Don't be too picky with your choice of guests, especially at the beginning, when you want to build a historic of reviews quickly.

That said, you want to spot and avoid potential squatters and troublesome guests. Be very vigilant when someone asks for a stay longer than 30 days. Check their Airbnb profile for previous reviews and make sure their account is verified, with a real picture.

5. Additional verification process: to do or not to do?

You can implement another security layer, including verified ID and security deposit. To be honest, I don't recommend to use these. They just seem too much trouble for potential guests who can book a property in a few clicks somewhere else.

It's up to you and depends on how safe you want to feel.

6. Reply quickly and nicely

Your response time will influence the search rank of your listing. It is calculated to the minute, so you want to ensure a fast reply to all requests and messages.

Use the Airbnb app to make sure you reply fast.

“Keeping it within an hour is NOT enough. You need to respond within 2 minutes".
Airbnb Superhost Evan Kimbrell

While that may seem like a stretch if you're hosting a bit more casually, keeping it under 24h certainly is a must. And make sure to always use Airbnb's platform: that's how they measure your response time. Plus, it protects you against fraud, so make sure you respect Airbnb payment methods.

7. Consider an extra insurance

As I briefly mentioned above, Airbnb covers hosts up to "$1M per occurrence in the event of a third-party claim of bodily injury or property damage related to an Airbnb stay".

You can read more on Airbnb's host protection insurance for further details.

8. Find the optimal pricing

image caption

Setting the right price for your property can seem like a hassle, but you can overcome the difficulty in a few easy steps.

When you open a new listing, start by searching lodgings with the same criteria as yours on Airbnb and check their price. Take a quick look at hotels and hostels as well. It will give you a good estimate of what your property is worth.

Start by pricing it a bit lower than the market to quickly get bookings and reviews. Once you've reached a decent amount of reviews, re-evaluate your price. As a rule of thumb, check the rents in your city every month and adjust to the competition.

If you put a low price, you may attract more travelers, but you'll miss on some money as well. If you set it too high, you'll get a low demand. Find the right balance according to your listing's positioning. That means that if you offer a quality option with great amenities, don't be scared of raising the price to attract more wealthy travelers looking for extra comfort.

Also, keep in mind that weekends are usually more expensive. Include seasonality in your price: for instance, if you live by the sea, prices tend to get higher in the summer. So should the price of your booking.

9. Be flexible

Don't mistake yourself for a hotel: you're not expected to be available 24/7 for your guests to check-in. However, the more flexible you are, the better. Especially when your guests run into some trouble and cannot make it on time, they'll really appreciate it if you are still available when they do arrive and will probably mention it in the reviews.

Don't be too scared of accepting first-timers as well: everyone has to start somewhere, give them a chance and make their experience memorable.

In general, you should aim for high “booking to request ratio”: Airbnb's algorithm will notice that you accept more requests than average, meaning also more money for them. Your listing will then rank higher in the results, ensuring that more people see it and book it.

10. Run the extra mile

image caption

That's a critical step toward becoming a Superhost with great reviews. Put a lot of effort into that if you're becoming an Airbnb host for more than just a few bucks on the side.

A little extra can turn into a lot of good. Here's an example: many recommend leaving a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate in your guests' room. It's sure to make an impression! I like something more typical though (after all, you can get good wine and chocolate anywhere now): it helps me step into my travel experience right away.

My favorite tip for listing on Airbnb like a boss? Ask for food preferences or allergies a week before your guests' arrival. It will show them that you care and their mindset will be extremely positive even before they arrive.

You're not a hotel but getting close to that level of service will make an impression: help them carry their luggage, be sensitive to their needs, provide extra blankets, towels, toothpaste, shampoo, books to read, games, or leave snacks on the table. Anything that you didn't mention in your listing but that you will provide will act as a bonus for them. They'll remember it when they review their stay at your place.

11. Clean. Again and again.

Because your guests expect that you live here as well and the place cannot be as clean as a hotel, getting your accommodation perfectly clean will make a big impression. No one likes to live in someone else's mess.

12. Send an email a week before your guest's arrival

It will remind your guest of their stay and they'll know that you haven't forgotten about them. If they haven't given you many details, inquire about their plans, ask what they're expecting of their stay and how you can be of help.

It also helps to assess what kind of travelers they are and how much effort you're going to have to make to be a good host.

13. Leave explainer notes for the house

It might seem like nothing, but it's one of the best tips for listing on Airbnb. Before they arrive, leave notes around the house giving them advice on how to use your equipment, such as washing machine, coffee maker or even the cable on the TV.

Ideally, give them a tour when they get here and explain them everything they need to know, pointing out that you left reminders in the case that they forget something.

14. Sell an experience

Airbnb has become adamant about the fact that they don't just sell accommodations but experiences. Provide information on what to do around, based on your knowledge as a local. You can also find some inspiration in the "Airbnb experience" section of the website.

Sell an experience also in the way you describe your property, don't give the plain and simple (and boring) facts. What's the most attractive to you: "Balcony with hammock" or "Go for a swim at the beach and go back to rest in the comfy hammock on the peaceful balcony"?

15. Adapt to your guests

Find out quickly the perfect balance between privacy and availability for your guests. Be with them only if you feel that it's what they want: accept that some of them just choose Airbnb because it's cheaper than a hotel. Leave the guests with their privacy, with a hands-off approach, except if they expect more from you.

You will likely meet very different kinds of travelers. It's the beauty of the experience, if you ask me!

You're now on your way to becoming an Airbnb Superhost!

image caption

How to become a Superhost?

The "gold" status is actually not so hard to get if you put some effort into it. And it comes with a few added bonus, so you should definitely consider it!

What is an Airbnb Superhost?

The Airbnb's Superhost program aims at acknowledging the quality of the hospitality of the best Airbnb hosts.

It recognizes hosts who made sure their guests would come out of the experience very happy and satisfied.


  • have a response rate of at least 90% and reply quickly,
  • have hosted at least 10 trips during the year,
  • do not cancel (except in case of extraordinary circumstances),
  • have at least 80% five-star reviews.

Manage to do all of the above and your profile will be rewarded with a Superhost badge that will appear next to all of your Airbnb listings!

Why become an Airbnb Superhost?

You might not care about a badge on your profile at first thought. But benefits do come in pair with the status.

image caption

Hosts (virtually) carrying the badge register an increase number of requests. It seems obvious that people would want to stay at someone's that has been recognized as a quality host rather than at someone's who might be just as good but doesn't have the "proof" of his great hospitality skills.

If you maintain the Superhost status for a whole year, you'll be granted a $100 Airbnb coupon. That's at least a free night for your next trip!

Priority support is also offered to Superhosts who need help and call Airbnb. Finally, the best listing owners may be invited to product and event exclusives.

The key: up your game

It's not so hard to achieve this status when you're commited, at the one condition that you invest some time and effort. If you're becoming a host for small money on the side, there isn't much point in trying.

But for those who consider hosting as an important source of revenue, make sure to follow all the steps above. Make sure to offer your guests an out-of-the-ordinary experience to get those 5-star ratings!

Because the hospitality network relies on interacting with strangers, newcomers are often concerned about security. Here's how it works with Airbnb.

Airbnb Experiences

Here's a quick Airbnb tip for hosts who seek to further increase their revenue:

If you have some time to do more than just rent a place on Airbnb, consider listing an activity under their "Experiences" listings. Hosts can teach either skills or knowledge, or just share a fun activity, with guests seeking to make the most of Airbnb.

For example, travellers can now find cooking classes with a host on Airbnb, or go horse-riding, or go star-gazing in the desert.

Airbnb experiences are a so rightly-named because they seek to provide travellers with an even better experience when they visit a nex city. You don't even have to find a place to stay on Airbnb, you can just book an experience if ou prefer.

You can browse by city or category (cooking, animals, entertainment, sorts, Airbnb adventures, etc.). The site then lets you apply filters to refine your search, as you would when looking for accommodation: dates, number of guests, price, but also the languages in which the Airbnb experience is offered.

Airbnb Adventures

Going even further in their idea of providing a memorable experience to all travellers using the platform, Airbnb launched the "Airbnb Adventures", multi-day trips led by a local expert.

Those adventures all all-inclusive, meaning that accommodation, food, and activities are included.

For instance, you can find a three-day trip in the jungle in Bali on Airbnb. Or a surf retreat in Australia.

The best Airbnb hosts are now offering more than just a place to stay, leaving the original "bed and breakfast" model for something much more complete that increasingly gravitates toward the idea of all-inclusive, memorable experience.

Airbnb and safety

Is Airbnb safe?

I never had a problem with my hosts and there is extremely little chance that you'll come across danger with your host if you're careful and follow the steps I suggested above to find the perfect listing.

Airbnb is very careful and provides additional layers of security for the most concerned travelers. When messaging a potential host on their platform, you can always ask them to send you a link to their social profile to verify that they are not serial killers, if it can comfort you.

Keep also in mind the $1,000,000 Airbnb insurance that is offered to all hosts.

How safe is airbnb is a hard question to answer: as for everything else, you need to be careful, but in 99% of cases, everything will go smoothly. Most Airbnb stories are positive!

Can I get scammed on Airbnb?

Despite the efforts put into securing a nice stay and ensuring that hosts are honests, you might run into the very few that are doing this to get free money out of you.

Rest assured that Airbnb is very understanding and helpful in such cases. Here's a description of cases that entitle you to a refund:

  • The listing is missing an amenity promised on the site in either the listing’s description, amenities, or photos.
  • The room type of the listing is not what was booked.
  • The number of bedrooms or bathrooms in the listing does not match what was booked.
  • The listing itself or the location of the listing is not what was booked.
  • The listing does not have clean bedding or towels available for all the guests included on the reservation.
  • The listing is unsanitary, unsafe, or hazardous to the health of your guests.
  • There is an animal in the listing, which was not disclosed prior to booking.

Are there extra fees on Airbnb?

Airbnb charges a fee for the host and the guest on each booking. Since they act like a digital broker, it's one of their main source of revenue.

Some hosts also ask for a cleaning fee. It's a one-time, non-refundable fee. I don't really like to book with hosts who ask for such a fee since I always leave teh place clean anyway.


Airbnb payment methods vary depending on the country of the account you pay with. The crucial part to remember is that Airbnb prohibits payments out of their platform. One reason is that they would get a commission on the Airbnb booking, but the main one is that they cannot guarantee that you won't be exposed to fraud.

The Airbnb security deposit is something different that can be asked by a host. Know however that your money won't actually be taken until the host files a claim. They have until 48h after you left to claim part or the whole deposit.

Note that they still have to submit both photos of the damage and receipts to justify the amount they are asking for. If the guest rejects the claim, Airbnb experts will investigate the charges.

As a host, you are also offered to change locks on the door, replace whatever belongings that were stolen or broken, and even put for free in a hotel in the meantime.

Final words on Airbnb

Airbnb is one of my favorite alternatives to hotels when I travel. The community is great, you feel just like at home and you get the insights of a local. You should seriously consider it for your next trip.

If you're decided and you want to book your first listing, use this Airbnb coupon and get a 35€ voucher!

Remember that when you fly to your next destinations and your flight gets delayed or canceled, we can help you get up to 600€ in compensation so feel free to get in touch!

And if you're decided on becoming a host, drop me a line and I'll come check your listing myself!

See you around, traveler!