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Dora's Delayed Flight: B2B or Berlin-to-Barcelona

Here at ClaimCompass, there’s one key metric that sits above all and that’s how satisfied our customers are.

That isn’t simply a cliche, that’s our business model. We do not charge for the hours of work that go behind the scenes - we charge for results and we only get paid when our clients get what we’ve promised - nothing short of the compensation they deserve. That’s why we take an enormous pleasure in sharing what our clients have to say.

Here’s Dora, who flew on EasyJet EZY4527 from Berlin to Barcelona on April the 18th.

Where were you flying to?

Barcelona has always been on my list of wanted cities. The art, the architecture and the food - those are things I can’t resist. The long winter in Berlin had drained me mentally and physically, so I finally decided to shift a few days around and make room for a getaway.

So what happened?

That morning I woke up very early and decided to do a bit of work, because you’re never as productive as the day when you’re going away! The flight was scheduled at 12:45PM, so I got to the airport around 11, which would also give me time to grab a tea - Berlin Schoenefeld doesn’t offer an amazing selection, but hey - nothing could ruin my mood, I was off to Barcelona!
Well, little did I know that I’ll get time not only for a tea, but for a full blown lunch. With desert!
Turns out our flight EZY4527 was delayed because of an aircraft substitution and we only left three hours later! Had I know that, I would’ve come in at work, at least pretend that I’m making an effort!

And what did you do?

What could I do? The EasyJet staff were very polite, but it’s not like they could get me on a plane on the spot. I just sat there, surfing the web, and no - I wasn’t in the mood to do any work, I was supposed to be on vacation!

I think the most frustrating part of all, is the feeling of being absolutely helpless - there’s nothing you can possibly do to speed things up, even the people from the airline can’t help you - nobody can! If there’s no plane - there’s no plane.

So in my frustration, I did a search and came across ClaimCompass.

I had no clue I could be entitled to some sort of compensation, and I think that calmed me down. At least now I felt like there was a chance for some recourse, that there was something that I could do, even if it was after the fact. I even started planning what I could do with that €400.

I saved your website in my favourites and filed my claim from Barcelona. I know nothing about legal claims and all that, so I really liked how simple and easy to use your Compensation Calculator is, and I also liked your website design. (I'm a designer, so yeah, that's a huge compliment in my books).

If you were on the same flight as Dora, you too are entitled to €400! And if you insist - we could even put you in contact with her so you can plan your next trip together. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, if you were in a similar situation, then make sure to inform yourself about your passenger rights and how to claim compensation.

If you have any questions or if you want to share your story with us, drop us a line - we’re always happy to hear from you!

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Dora's Delayed Flight: B2B or Berlin-to-Barcelona
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