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The Top Digital Nomad Travel Blogs to Follow in 2019

What's your dream job?

For many, the answer revolves around the same idea: doing something you love.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to earn money while travelling across the world? To combine business with pleasure?

After all, we do spend an awful amount of time at work, don't we? So why not make this as good a time as possible?

That's why we decided to write up this post on some of our favourite digital nomads travel bloggers out there. Each of them is a true inspiration for anyone dreaming about travelling the world while working.

Sam & Zab, from Indefinite Adventure

Source: indefiniteadventure.com

Two one-way tickets to Buenos Aires was all it took for the British couple to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Requiring only a laptop to work and with the world as their office, Sam and Zab became experts at digital nomadism... and with their detailed guides on the topic, you could become one too!

The gay couple is vegan and also has some great tips to share to eat abroad on this diet. For them, just because a destination is infamous for its meat doesn't mean that you shouldn't travel there.

Don't miss out on on their "reflection" section for a glimpse at their colorful personalities: you will love them as much as we do!

"Being a digital nomad sounds great when you're stuck in an office job and are tired of having exactly the same routine day in and out. At first, breaking away from that routine when you go nomadic can be extremely freeing and indeed, it's a big part of the motivation for many people to make the shift. But don't knock routine too much! Establishing small things that can form part of your daily work routine as a digital nomad are key to the long-term success of maintaining that lifestyle in my opinion. Having a ritual for what time of day you start your work, what order you do certain tasks in, limiting yourself to not working from bed but only a desk, making commitments to do your work before you go explore your new destination even if no one else is specifically waiting for you to finish a certain task can all be good ideas to play with when forming a routine from working on the road. But above all, be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up if you make mistakes!"
Sam & Zab

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Barbara, from Barbaralicious

Source: barbaralicious.com

As opposed to many who chose to ditch their corporate life to become nomad, Barbara has never been employed in the first place: the digital nomad life chose her, right from the start. And she's got some great tips so that you can make it work for you too.

Starting with the importance of being part of a community. Don't fool yourself: digital nomadism has its own challenges and visiting the nomad hotspots is a great way to face them. A community of like-minded people will help you create a productive working environment and inspire you to keep going!

"Being a digital nomad for me means ultimate freedom. The freedom to choose where I want to wake up the next morning. The freedom to work on the projects I like. The freedom to be where I’m happy."

Check out her blog for detailed guides on the best cities to live for digital nomads - and if you want to get inspired, read her ebook "My Trip Around the World – A Dream Come True"!

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Pete, from Bucketlistly

Source: bucketlistly.blog

We just love Pete's blog - and that's not only because of his 6 years of experience as a digital nomad. Bucketlisty stands out because Pete is doing more than writing: he's an accomplished travel filmmaker and photographer. And with over 60 countries visited, he has seen enough to create some of the most stunning travel videos out there.

Have you ever considered wandering the globe and living off your photography and/or filmmaking skills? Maybe you should give this idea some serious thought: that's what Pete does. And his blog is packed with tips to help you do just that: from the right equipment to technical skill, you'll find what you need to become a digital nomad photographer and filmmaker.

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Monica, from Not a Nomad

Source: notanomad.com

The term "digital nomad" is somewhat misleading. For some, "semi-nomad" would be more accurate. But "digital semi-nomad" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? Yet, it's closer to what Monica is.

The American expat lives in Berlin and travels the world part-time. After all, living off a backpack can get tiring in the long run. But there are still simple ways to combine work and travel without being always on the road! For starters, you could do what Monica did and move your career abroad. Her blog is packed with advice on how to make that life change (and why it's a good thing).

Like she says: "you don’t have to choose between a stable job and traveling the world!"

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Milou, from Explorista

Source: explorista.net

Milou is nothing short of the founder of the largest female digital nomad movement in the world: Female Digital Nomads. And she's pretty good with a camera too! Her goal? Help women build location independent lives. What does being a digital nomad mean for her?

“I think being a digital nomad is the ultimate form of being in control of your own life. The ultimate freedom. You get to decide what you want to do, when you want to do it, and where you want to do it. It’s the best way to really get to know yourself and get to know what you’re made of.”

The young entrepreneur has plenty of both travel and business advice on her blog. By the way, Milou is from the Netherlands: if you're speaking Dutch, you might want to check Explorista.nl instead.

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Niall, from ndoherty.com

Source: ndoherty.com

With cheap flight tickets easily available, travelling isn't so hard. But few can say that they have been travelling for 44 months without taking the plane. Niall is one of them.

He left his job 7 years ago and has a lot of precious advice to share. When he is not writing books or building website, the successful digital nomad helps others set up their own source of online income.

If you want to get just a taste of it, his free video crash course is the perfect place to start!

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Will, from The Broke Backpacker

Source: thebrokebackpacker.com

The broke backpacker has come a long way an is now a successful online entrepreneur. His blog is a great place for recommendations on how to make money online as well budget travel: Will built a course entirely dedicated to teach aspiring explorers how to travel the world on $10 a day.

As a traveller, Will likes to live on adrenaline: count him in for any adventure that gets the blood racing. He will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, no doubts there!

But, and you might find this even more exciting if you're serious about becoming a digital nomad, the Broke Backpacker created a brand new website to help you Ditch Your Desk!

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Jessie, from Jessie on a Journey

Source: jessieonajourney.com

Jessie isn't just a digital nomad - she seeks to empower women who want to travel solo around the world and is an inspiration for them. It doesn't matter whether you have a full-time job or have more flexibility, Jessie will show you the way: her blog is a goldmine for anyone who wants to travel more.

She built several travel courses with one purpose in mind: giving you the means the become a digital nomad yourself. There are several career opportunities that let you travel the world, but if like Jessie, you want to become a travel blogger, you will find her courses on growing and building a blog particularly useful.

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Aileen, from I am Aileen

Source: iamaileen.com

The successful digital nomad was only 21 when she left her corporate job in the Philippines. Now, not only does she run a widely-read travel blog, she's also a business owner, and boasts over 20,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She has already visited the 7 continents and plans on visiting every country in the world - but she is in no rush to do so, savoring every minute spent travelling. And when she's done? She will use all she has learned during her trips to create a non-profit organization tackling major world issues. Nothing less!

If you're interested in working remotely, check out her blog: Aileen will help you make her lifestyle your own.

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Marcello, from Wandering Trader

Source: wanderingtrader.com

Marcello has been in over 110 countries since 2009, across 5 continents, and considers himself to be "the luckiest person in the world". Why?

Because he enjoys what he calls "complete freedom". He can work anywhere he wants and doesn't need to worry about money. His experience with financial markets allows him to train day traders, generating enough income to sustain his lifestyle. That, and the companies he runs from across the globe.

Trading isn't without risk, but if you want to become one and travel the world while doing it, Marcello is your guy!

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Amy, from Globetrotter Guru

Source: globetrotterguru.com

Most digital nomads first went through a life-changing experience before making the decision to adopt this different lifestyle. In that regard, Amy is no different: after one of the best train rides in the world (taking the trans-siberian from Moscow to Beijing) she volunteered with genocide survivors in Rwanda. Hard to get back to the "normal" life after that.

So Amy set up her own business and has been traveling the world ever since. She offers tips on how to become a digital nomad too - with multiple options. Freelancing, teaching online, blogging, and some more. Choose your path!

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Nina, from Where in the World is Nina

Source: whereintheworldisnina.com

How good does the idea of working on all continents sound? For Nina, it's more than just a dream: it's a life mission. The native from Florida is so determined that she was working three jobs for two years to save enough money.

The young woman has become expert at working abroad - she's been at it since 2011! We love her travel style: rather than rushing through every country, she settles in one place for several months in a row and uses that place as a base to visits the neighboring country. Trust me, she knows the way. And the nomadic expat blogs about how you can do it too, so check out her blog!

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Tal, from Bright Nomad

Source: brightnomad.net

Tal has been on the road since 2009 - 40 countries later, she's an experienced traveller with plenty to share. Aspiring digital nomads will find complete guides, advice, as well s a portal to multiple websites offering jobs that suit digital nomads.

From finding coworking spaces and cafes around the world to productivity tips when working remotely, Tal knows her stuff. You can be sure that you will find the answers to your questions on Bright Nomad.

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Will YOU become a digital nomad?

Is that dream of working while exploring the world at the same time now yours? If you've set your mind on becoming a digital nomad or simply want to know more about this seducing lifestyle, I suggest that you check out all the blogs above.

You might want to take a look at this guide on surviving as a digital nomad too: like I said, it's not such an easy life. You better be prepared before going on that adventure!

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The Top Digital Nomad Travel Blogs to Follow in 2019
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