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The Top Budget Travel Blogs to Follow in 2019

It never fails.

Whenever we ask someone why they don't travel more, the answer is always one of the following (or both):

"I don't have enough time"


"I don't have enough money"

We've already written about what you can do when you have a full-time job and not enough time on your hands.

But money doesn't have to be an issue either! That's why we selected some of our favorite budget travellers:

They travel the world on the cheap and have plenty of tips to share about travelling on a budget. Don't let money prevent you from travelling more!

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James & Sarah, from The Whole World or Nothing


Don't be mistaken by the name: they're not planning on visiting absolutely every country in the world. "The Whole World or Nothing" is all about the spirit: to get out there and make your dreams happen. Not to let hardships get you down and keep going, no matter what. To do what you love without compromise. A philosophy inspired by Charles Bukowski, who was "all about doing".

But it wasn't just their favorite author that put them on such a path. The couple ditched the corporate life for a year-long round the world trip. But after that, they couldn't fathom going back to a regular office. So they left their life behind and hit the road, working harder than ever to make their dream come true. But it's not real work if you love what you're doing, right?

Since then, James and Sarah have embarked on a journey of exciting adventures for as little money as possible. They're very down to earth, which is what we love about them. They're just normal people, with a bunch of fantastic tips to travel on a budget!

"The most important thing to travelling on a limited budget is to spend your money on things that you really enjoy. Don’t try to skimp on everything because you’ll end up not having a very enjoyable experience. Just prioritise what’s important to you and spend less on the things that aren’t."
James & Sarah

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Marek, from Indie Traveller


The beginning of the Indie Traveller's story is a 2-month trip to Thailand turned 2-year world trip. Marek quit the corporate world in 2012 after successful disappointing experiences. He now lives in beautiful Lisbon; the Portuguese city acts as a base that Marek uses to explore around.

Marek has grown a lot since the beginning of his explorations and has become a reference among solo budget travellers. Because he makes a point of pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone, he enjoyed amazing experiences with the locals, from crashing a wedding in Laos (by accident, of course) to watching the football world cup with Argentinians in a liposuction clinic in Cordoba.

He also wrote a 280+ page complete guide to long-term budget travel, "Travel the World Without Worries". And if that still isn't enough, take a look at his destinations guides: covering a wide range of countries, they are packed with honest tips to help you travel on a budget.

"As one of the best places to travel on a budget in 2019 I recommend the Caucasus region, in particular Georgia and Armenia. These countries are still not so well known on the traveller circuit, but they are filled with amazing mountain scenery, incredible monasteries (some built inside caves), not to mention some amazing food (all the ingredients are organically grown and delicious). I spent less than $20 a day while travelling through these countries and staying in hostels and guesthouses."

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Debra, from Travelling Well for Less


A former 12-year executive in the travel industry, Debra sure has experience when it comes to scoring the cheapest deals. We completely adhere to her philosophy of spending less, but spending on travel. But that doesn't mean she gave up on comfort: her adventures are the proof that one can live well even on a budget. You just have to be smart about it.

She's been exploring the world since 1994 thanks to a combination of fare deals, airline miles, and credit card points: the mother of two is an expert travel hacker! Debra is mainly a solo traveller, although she loves travelling with her family: you'll find plenty of tips to travel on the cheap even during school holidays on her blog!

"Traveling doesn't have to be expensive. You can travel the world for less by using airline miles and credit card points."

The active woman flies over 180,000 miles a year, but she stills finds the time to share how YOU can also book cheap flights. From advice on saving money without compromising on quality to finding the best times to travel to avoid overpaying, her blog is packed with must-reads for the aspiring budget traveller and travel hacker.

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Yoshke & Vins, from The Poor Traveller


Knowing what NOT to do is arguably as important as learning what to do when travelling. The Poor Traveller is the perfect place for that. Yoshke and Vins are very transparent about their misadventures, which they have thoroughly detailed on the blog, so that you don't waste your money (like they initially did).

Not all budget travelers are backpackers: Yoshke and Vins are casual travellers, not full-time nomads. They like to save money so that they can better spend it on valuable experiences. The Poor Traveler is more about helping you find the best value for money than it is about finding ways to travel cheaply.

They have been acknowledged as a reference in the budget travel sphere on multiple occasions, being featured in USA Today, BBC World, CNN, and many others! With so much success, they had to expand the team. This helps them build one of the most comprehensive set of detailed destination guides out there. Wherever you're going, they probably have some tips to help you save some money there!

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Agness and Cez from Etramping


Agness and Cez are the adventurers behind Etramping. You'll find their blog to be an amazing resource, whether you're looking for tips to save money or to make the most of your next adventure.

The Polish travel buddies both ditched their regular jobs to embark on a life of adventures. Etramping is packed with money-saving tips, but most of all, Agness and Cez amaze us for the excitement and intensity that transpires from their travels. Reading about their trips is like being there with them... or at least makes you want to join them!

If you're bored with all-inclusive holidays but rather need inspiration for trips of a lifetime, look no further than Etramping!

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Matthew Kepnes, from Nomadic Matt


Matt is nothing short of one of the most successful and popular bloggers out there. For many, including the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, and many more, he provides the best budget travel advice you can find. A trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand changed his life for the better, putting him on the path to travel blogging.

Over the years, he wrote tons of tips, tricks, and advice to help budget-minded travellers make the most of their trip. If what you find on the blog isn't enough for you - which is unlikely - know that Matt is also the New York Times best-selling author of "How to Travel the World on $50 a Day", a book regarded by many as the Bible of budget travel.

Matt thrives to help even more people fulfill their travel dreams every day: he created a forum for everyone to share or ask for tips. He also launched TravelCon in 2018, the World's Premier Travel Event. You definitely want to keep an eye on Matt in 2019, he probably has some more to offer you!

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Darren & Shelly, from Finding Beyond


The British couple is originally from London, but they can't seem to be able to stay in one place for too long. For the past 11 years, they have been travelling on and off, sometimes living their jobs for a whole year to turn nomad.

Unlike many, they're adept of leaving without a plan. They see it as a perfect way to travel more freely and to enjoy their trips even more by moving around slowly. They make a few sacrifices to save money and travel for a longer time instead.

Darren and Shelly have actually started an exciting new adventure: they sold all they owned, booked a one-way ticket to Asia, and left for good. But now, not only are they travelling on a budget, they also adopted the digital nomad lifestyle, working and travelling at the same time, earning enough income to make their adventure last longer. They have great advice to share on travelling on a budget and finding ways to earn money on the road!

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Eden, from Mint Notion


Saving money for a trip is great. Developing winning financial habits that let you travel more often is better. That's what Eden is all about. A former shopaholic herself, she successfully transitioned to a more minimalistic lifestyle that revolves around "intentional living" - becoming mindful and choosing how to spend your time and money.

Contrary to many bloggers who quit the corporate world for a life of travel, Eden left her job to go back to school. She graduated Business School with an MBA in Strategic Planning - with NO debt! She discovered useful tips and developed effective ideas to both save and make money. She now shares everything on her blog to help people live a meaningful life in which money isn't an issue.

Eden qualifies as a "luxury traveller on a budget". Just because she doesn't want to compromise on comfort doesn't mean she's going to splurge on expensive accommodation. And neither should you. She can teach you how to travel better for less.

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Patti, from The Savvy Globetrotter


Patti has traveled to over 40 countries and all 7 continents in the past 20 years. She doesn't stick to a unique travel style: she's into anything from budget to luxury travel. She created her blog to help you travel smarter - cheaper, safer and in more comfort, that is.

On the Savvy Globetrotter, you'll find tips and tricks for everything from packing, travel hacking and traveling on a budget as well as travel inspiration. The native from Chicago sure has plenty to offer to those just starting out!

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Are YOU going to try budget travel?

Those inspiring budget traveller show you one thing: you don't need to be rich to travel anymore. Nor do you need to sacrifice your comfort.

There is always a way to fund your travels. It'd be such a let money get in the way of your dream trip!

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The Top Budget Travel Blogs to Follow in 2019
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