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The Best Travel Blogs: Our Top 20

There are literally thousands of travel blogs out there, this one included.

A great many of them are awesome. And that's the problem.

How do you know exactly where to look for the right information? The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re searching for travel tips, an inspiration to get you on the road (or in the air), travel news, or the latest deals available, the place you turn to won’t be the same.

And if you're like me, you like to get only the best! Right?

That’s why I compiled this list of 20 of my top travel blogs so that you don't have to spend hours looking for the right blog. Take a look at them, pick the ones you love most and save yourself the hassle.

These ones are among ClaimCompass’ favorites, the ones where our frequent travelers and myself turn to when looking for advice and recommendations!


For Travel Tips

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt
Screenshot from nomadicmatt.com

Matthew Kepnes' travel blog is nothing short of my favorite source of information when it comes to budget travel. Nomadic Matt is among the pioneers of travel blogging and has since become a New York Times best-selling author with his great book "How to Travel the World on $50 a day".

More than providing actionable tips to travel cheaper and better, Nomadic Matt created a community of travelers determined to help each other travel more.

I love that he's still a very normal guy who doesn't consider himself a travel expert despite his years of experience.

And guess what:

He hates flying! Isn't that ironic for the man behind one of the best travel blogs?

Connect with Nomadic Matt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl
Screenshot from wanderingearl.com

Talking about pioneers, Derek (widely known by his middle name, Earl) is on the road since 1999. With his very honest feedback on his travel experiences, the good and the bad, he provides great travel advice both for first-time explorers and savvy adventurers.

Simple and authentic, he focuses on what's essential for him when he travels: meeting people. He perfectly illustrates the benefits of interacting with locals when you travel.

Far from being fond of tourist crowds, he eventually started organizing his own "Wandering Earl Tours" in very small groups, to destinations everywhere around the globe.

Connect with Wandering Earl on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lost With Purpose

Lost With Purpose
Screenshot from lostwithpurpose.com

Alex and Sebastiaan, the founders of Lost with Purpose, invite you to discover lesser-known regions of the world and give you some great advice on how to enjoy your trip. For instance, while a lot of people dream of Australia, Cuba or Paris, they show you the beauty of Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan.

They make sure to provide detailed and extremely useful advice to travelers decided to undertake a journey to destinations that generally suffer from bad publicity.

They are among the best travel blogs because they are fully aware that some regions are more dangerous to others, but they provide great tips to prepare and encourage people to open their minds to these countries when planning their trip.

Connect with Lost With Purpose on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Two Bad Tourists

Two Bad Tourists
Screenshot from twobadtourists.com

The young gay couple assures that it's good to be a bad tourist: they reveal their secrets for an off-the-beaten-track experience wherever you go. They travel more slowly and take the time to discover their destination to live like the locals.

The LGBT community is perceived differently throughout the world: Auston and David make a point of providing useful tips based on their experience.

In addition to a funny account of their adventures, expect some money-saving hacks as well!

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The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler
Screenshot from thepoortraveler.com

Dedicated to helping budget-minded travelers in their quest, Yoshke and Vins also provide tips to travel even without a lot of money. Plus, they give their readers an inside look at their misadventures to help you avoid them.

But as they say, they are "casual travelers", not "hardcore backpackers": that's what makes their stories so easy to identify with and their blog unique.

Plus, they have detailed guides for a good many countries around the world that are a great alternative to the traditional Lonely Planet.

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Screenshot from vagabondish.com

For backpacking, however, Mike Richard has some great tips in store. The lists and how-to posts provide comprehensive information helping you become a savvy traveler.

The photography of the blog is just as good as the quality of the tips! Don't miss out on the "photography" section to start capturing your travels like a pro.

Vagabondish is also a great way to stay aware of what goes on in the travel world with its offbeat news.

Connect with Vagabondish on Facebook and Twitter.

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For Travel News

View From The Wing

View From The Wing
Screenshot from viewfromthewing.boardingarea.com

Gary Leff is the man behind View From the Wing, an essential resource to keep up with all travel-related news.

He is one of those frequent flyers that know everything there is to know about points and shares his knowledge to help you save money on your next flight.

The blog also covers airline-specific news: keep an eye on your favorite air carrier to know how they're doing!

Connect with View from the Wing on Twitter.

One Mile at a Time

One Mile at a Time
Screenshot from onemileatatime.boardingarea.com

Going by "Lucky", Ben Schlappig is THE expert at using miles and credit card points to upgrade his trips. Flying over 400.000 miles per year does make you aware of the best tricks, I suppose.

He knows a lot (euphemism...) about the travel industry and shares the most burning news and tips to his readers. One Mile at a Time is hands down one of the best travel news blogs.

And you know how you hate waiting for your flight at the airport? Well, Lucky loves that. Seriously, he loves airports! He's sure to have some advice on how to make your flight experience better.

Connect with One Mile at a Time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet
Screenshot from johnnyjet.com

That’s the man I have to thank for letting me discover Scott’s Cheap Flights, and that alone is worth a lot. He simply is the go-to guy for flight deals.

You can also count on travel news coverage ranging from ephemeral credit card deals to updates on weather forecasts endangering travel in some regions.

The best thing you can do is subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest travel deals and tips!

Connect with Johnny Jet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner
Screenshot from theexpeditioner.com

Writers from all the world contribute to the blog founded by Matt Stabile, to both share their tips and spread the news about a wide range of destinations.

While a lot of travel news blogs focus on airlines, cash reward or frequent flyer programs, The Expeditioner provides information on countries and places across the globe.

Feel free to dive into the stories of the contributors to fuel your wanderlust!

Connect with the Expeditioner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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For Travel Inspiration

Roads and Kingdoms

Roads and Kingdoms
Screenshot from roadsandkingdoms.com

The award-winning storytelling of the independent journal is nothing if not captivating. While the topics covered (travel, cultures, politics and more) may seem ordinary, the subject of each post is more often than not very unusual.

To give you a quick glimpse at what this top travel blog is about, here are two of the articles featured on the blog at the moment when I'm writing: "Can Mexican corn be saved?" and "Underground with South Korea's illegal tattoo artists". Not quite the usual stuff, right?

And if that's not enough, the photography of the website will make you want to pack and go right away.

Connect with Roads and Kingdom on Facebook, Twitter.

Boarders and Adventures

Boarders and Adventures
Screenshot from bordersofadventure.com

A British Travel Press award winner, Becki thrives to change people's perceptions of misunderstood destinations and entire countries.

She has a knack for inspiring people to travel more responsibly and educate them in regards to the social, historical and cultural background of her destinations.

Borders of adventures is the perfect inspiration for traveling differently (and better).

Connect with Borders and Adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only
Screenshot from handluggageonly.co.uk

Yaya and Lloyd form the funny duo behind Hand Luggage Only. The blog's pictures are breath-taking. And I'm not talking only about those illustrating each blog post: check out their Photo Diary!

In addition to your appetite for travel, they seek to wake up (or fuel) your appetite for food. You might surprise yourself and book a flight to try out some delicious meals you have seen there!

And if you're just looking for something to do wherever your destination may be, there's a good chance that they've got you covered.

Connect with Hand Luggage Only on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Two Monkeys Travel

Two Monkeys Travel
Screenshot from twomonkeystravelgroup.com

The young couple recently married has traveled to over 70 countries together. Their atypical lifestyle mixing luxury and adventure is an amazing inspiration for whoever wants to experience the joys of an adrenaline rush and the comfort of a hotel.

Kach also has some great tips for everything related to visa, thanks to her first-hand experience traveling the world on a Philippines passport.

If you're also considering becoming a volunteer abroad, they have some great insights to share. They use to volunteer as well, as a massage therapist and a yoga teacher.

Connect with Two Monkeys Travel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad
Screenshot from theblondeabroad.com

Kiersten's blog is a formidable source of inspiration for solo female travelers. She has guides and advice to encourage women to travel more.

With over 50 countries behind her, she accumulated a vast knowledge of the world and helps women follow in her footsteps.

The woman who used to work in Corporate Finance and is now a recognized travel writer shares her tips on travel but also fashion and photography on her lifestyle blog.

Connect with the Blonde Abroad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond
Screenshot from expertvagabond.com

Another Matt! The travel photographer is an adventurer with always has great tips to share.

Determined to inspire people to go out of their homes and travel the world for themselves, he shares an always-entertaining account of his adventures, illustrated by beautiful pictures.

Although the Expert Vagabond is now settling down, he still plans on traveling 6 months a year and sharing his tricks to show the world that travel doesn't have to be expensive and that you should seek more adventures.

Connect with Expert Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Jungles in Paris

Jungles in Paris
Screenshot from junglesinparis.com

In the line of responsible travel, Jungles in Paris covers topics that are subject to extinction, or at least endangered, and illustrates them with an immersive photography.

Whether it's culture, destination or even wildlife, they emphasize the roots of their topics and seek to educate travelers about the origins of a belief or the story behind rituals now rarely practiced or heard of.

The stories are told in such a way that it feels like traveling from your couch. To the point that the New York Times described the blog as an "artistic armchair travel platform".

Connect with Jungles in Paris on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why Wait to See the World

Why Wait to See the World
Screenshot from whywaittoseetheworld.com

That's a question Megan and Stephanie know the answer of: now is the time!

And they're intent on proving it. They mainly address Millenials and young souls in need of motivation to start their journey, providing them with the means to do it.

The experienced travelers share precious information on the various travel styles, including the popular (and misconstrued) "digital nomad" lifestyle. The magazine is a formidable resource for young travelers in the making!

Connect with Why Wait to See the World on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Y Travel

Y Travel
Screenshot from ytravelblog.com

If you thought that having kids was the end of your travel plans, think again. Caz and Craig are the proof that you can explore the world with your children.

Better than that, they're living by the motto "accumulate memories, no things" and are always on an adventure, as a family.

No matter who you are, they are determined to inspire you to travel as well and make memories of your own.

Connect with Y Travel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Planet D

The Planet D
Screenshot from theplanetd.com

Still believe that adventure isn't for everyone, that you're not made for this? Read what Dave and Deb have to say about it.

As they put it, "you don't have to be an uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie or part of the ultra rich to be an adventurer. All you need is the desire".

They are the perect example that it's never too late to start traveling: they both started a career first and discovered their passion for travel later on only. Now, they have inspired tons of people to chase their dreams - and you could be the next one!

Connect with the Planet D on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, these travel blogs convinced you to start traveling more?

Whether it's for a weekend, a week, a month or a year, traveling is probably one of the best decisions that you can make.

With the advice and experience from these seasoned travel bloggers, all the tips and hacks are only a few clicks away. It's now up to you to book your flight ticket and go on an adventure!

And don't forget that if your flight is delayed, canceled or overbooked, there might be some money waiting for you!

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The Best Travel Blogs: Our Top 20
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