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Service, the Best App for Flight Delay Compensation (Android & iOS)

Air travel certainly didn’t wait for the coronavirus outbreak to experience massive flight disruptions.

While regional regulations exist to protect passenger rights, they are… complicated, to say the least.

And claiming by yourself is quite challenging, between the redaction of the email or letter quoting the appropriate text of law, handling the (lack of) response from airlines, sometimes having to escalate your claim to a court of law.

If only there was a way to remove the hassle of claiming a flight compensation, right?

That’s where Service by ClaimCompass comes in.

Our flight delay app:

  • Automatically finds past and future flights for which you may be eligible for compensation
  • Takes into account EU, US, and Canadian regulations
  • Is available on Android and iOS

Start saving money on travel with Service, the best flight delay compensation app.

Get Flight Delay Compensation for Past Flights… and Future Flights too

On your first connection, the Service flight delay app looks for past flights that were disrupted (delays and cancellations) in your inbox. To do that, the app only reads your booking reservations and boarding passes.

When the app finds a delayed or cancelled flight, it notifies you and lets your claim in a simple tap. The team behind Service takes care of everything, saving you the hassle of claiming on your own!

But it doesn’t stop there.

From now on, Service will automatically inform you when your delayed flight is subject to compensation.

Say, you book a flight set to depart in two months. Service will monitor the flight status of and if it is delayed or cancelled, you’ll be the first to know and to claim compensation. It’s like real-time flight tracking.

That’s probably the best part about Service: you can set it up once and forget it. Just enjoy travelling - if things ever go wrong, the Service flight delay app will have your back.

Claim Compensation for Flight Delays in Europe, the US, and Canada

Another feature that makes Service the best flight delay app is that unlike others, it takes into account multiple air passenger regulations:

Air passenger rights in Europe

EU261 is arguably the most comprehensive regulation when it comes to the protection of air passenger rights.

To make it simple: you can get up to 600€ as flight delay compensation when your plane arrives at least 3 hours late.

(There are many specific cases which the regulation plans for - check out the full list of compensation amounts for flight delays)

The EU Regulation 261/2004 also covers flight cancellations, so the Service app’s flight tracker also monitors those for you.

Claim your flight compensation for your disrupted EU flight in just one tap with the Service mobile app and receive the money directly on your credit card!

US air passenger rights

Unlike European law, US regulations do not make it mandatory for airlines to compensate passengers for the disruption of their travel plans. Only overbooking situations are covered.

That being said, airlines do want to keep their passengers loyal. Even though they are not legally obliged to do so, they tend to grant them compensation when their flight is delayed or cancelled.

One major difference between EU and US compensation is that air travellers in the US usually receive vouchers or miles instead of cash.

The Service app looks for US flights that have been cancelled or delayed by at least 90 minutes (we found that if the delay is less than that, airlines do not grant compensations) and give you an estimate of the compensation value, based on historical data.

Canadian regulations on air travel

When your flight was delayed or cancelled in Canada, you can also claim compensation. The law covers overbooked, delayed, and cancelled flights.

Like in Europe, flight compensations for cancellations and delays planned by the Canadian regulation are cash, instead of vouchers and miles, and range from C$125 to C$1,000 depending on the length of the delay and the size of the airline.

(Note that in the US just like in Canada, you are NOT entitled to compensation for tarmac delays)

Pro Tips on Making the Most out of Service

Connect all the inboxes where you have flight reservations

You’ll need an email address to sign into the Service app. We recommend that you use the inbox that you use for most of your trips.

But what if your flight details are spread across several inboxes?

That’s often the case for people who fly for work. Business travel flight reservations are usually on your professional email instead of your personal one.

Not to worry: Service allows you to connect several inboxes at once, to make sure you don’t miss on any money.

Keep the app on your phone

Part of what makes Service the best app for flight delays is its ability to keep monitoring upcoming flights, not just past ones.

To do that, the app needs to remain installed on your phone and connected to your inbox. So even if Service doesn’t find any flights for which you have a lawful claim during your first connection, keep it on your smartphone in case you run into trouble in the future.

Save money on hotels too

Flight delay compensation is only part of what Service does. The mobile app also lets you save money on hotel reservations!


When you book a hotel room and the rate drops before you check-in, Service automatically rebooks you at the lower price.

Download the Service App

Service starts at $0/year, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you upgrade to a paid plan, we also offer 3 months of coverage for free!

Download the Service flight delay app and start saving money on travel:

Thomas Busson

Thomas Busson

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Service, the Best App for Flight Delay Compensation (Android & iOS)
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