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The Delay, and the Reward: a First-Hand Account

You may love what you do for a number of reasons, but few things come close to hearing from someone, that you’ve made a positive difference, no matter big or small. Here’s Alex from Montreal, who was kind enough to take the time and share his experience with us.

Sometime towards the end of last summer I was flying back home from Sofia to Montreal, via Zurich. I expected the connection to be just as smooth as it was on my way there, but I was in for a surprise.

I got to the airport just a little over 2h before the flight, as I was planning to have breakfast and hang out with a friend. As soon as I got to the counter, however, I was informed that the flight to Zurich is delayed – something technical. No one seemed to know for how long. Well, I got my breakfast, as intended, and went back to check on the flight.

Still delayed now definitely by more than two hours, which to me meant – I’d miss my connection to Montreal. If you are like me, working all year long to maximize your vacation and use every single hour of it, then you know what it’s like to find out that your Sunday flight is delayed and you may not make it to work on Monday… Long story short, after about 2.5h and lengthy discussions, the girl behind the counter finally managed to offer a solution: Sofia – Zurich, Zurich – London, London – Montreal.

On the plane from Sofia to Zurich, I sat next to a woman traveling with two young children, also to Montreal. She asked me to give her a hand, as she had quite a bit of carry-on luggage and a stroller. Zurich wasn’t so bad, because we had enough time between the flights, but come London – that was another story.

We had to change terminals, and not only that the connection between the two flights was very short, but the airline had lost her stroller! So picture a single mom, with two young children, who have been up since 5AM. To top it all off, the security screening at Heathrow insisted they check all of her bags, as if she wasn’t under enough pressure. Poor her! Anyway, we were (almost) in the same boat so I helped with what I could and we were the last to board the plane to Montreal, with a sigh of relief.

Landing late that same night in Montreal, I was just happy it was all over and went to work the next day.

Several weeks after, I came across a ClaimCompass business card which the woman with the two young children had given me on the plane. I remember her mentioning something about a compensatory law, but given the context, I hardly paid attention. Moreover, having worked for an airline, my skepticism for squeezing anything from the airline couldn’t be greater.

Either way, I decided to give it a try, filled out the online form, signed the power of attorney and sent it in. It took so little time and effort, that I completely forgot about it. About two or three weeks later, ClaimCompass emailed me, asking for my account information, saying that they would transfer 450 Euro to my account. Two days later, the money was there, inevitably hinting that I should start planning my next trip.

Despite having industry experience and considering myself a fairly frequent traveler, I had no idea that there was a law that would make the airline compensate me in actual money. I have no knowledge of what the legal, backstage action was, but the folks at ClaimCompass sure made it easy.

With minor edits for clarity

The Delay, and the Reward: a First-Hand Account
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